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Do your Teeth have to be Straight before getting Veneers?

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When watching TV or looking online, you probably see all these celebrities with beautiful perfect white smiles. In reality, not everyone has this perfect white smile naturally. It can be achievable, though, with cosmetic dentistry. Let Devine Dentistry transform your smile with their latest technology. Veneers have been the choice for years for dentists whose patients want to change the look of their teeth. Why choose veneers? Veneers are a great option for people that want to keep their natural teeth, but their natural teeth might be stained or slightly crooked. Interested in learning more? We will answer a few questions you might have on the blog today. Plus, find out whether your teeth have to be straight before getting veneers.

What are veneers, and how do they work?

Veneers are thin custom-made ceramic shells that adhere to the front of your teeth. Each veneer is created to meet the patient’s individual needs. Veneers help fix problems with tooth spacing, crooked teeth, and discolored teeth. They usually require two visits to our Nashville cosmetic dentist’s office. Once you have had your consultation, our dentist will prep your tooth or teeth for veneers by shaving a very thin layer of enamel (less than the thickness of your fingernail) off the front of your teeth. They will then take an impression of your new smile and create a set of temporary veneers that will stay on until the permanent ones arrive. Once they arrive, you will return to our office and have them applied using bonding cement. If taken care of properly, veneers should last you for years to come.

Do my teeth have to be straight before getting veneers?

In most cases, you do not have to have straight teeth before getting veneers. Veneers can actually help if your teeth are a little crooked. They can give you the appearance of straight teeth. However, every case is different, and veneers may not be the best fit for everyone. Especially if you have a lot of crowding and your teeth overlap. This may require orthodontics to correct. Our dentists can help determine your course of treatment when you come in for a consultation.

Straightening your smile at Devine Dentistry

As we have discussed, veneers can give you that perfect smile you have always wanted. Here at Devine Dentistry, our dentists can use several types of orthodontic treatments to provide patients with a confident smile. With today’s advanced materials and techniques, clear aligner orthodontics is much more efficient, convenient, and comfortable than traditional braces. At Devine Dentistry, we offer SureSmile orthodontics, which helps with any alignment issues you may have and can improve your overall health. It is never too late to transform your smile into the smile of your dreams!

Cosmetic Dentistry in Nashville, Belle Meade, and Green Hills

Drs. Brian Devine and Russell Mack are here to give you a smile you deserve. Veneers can help make that possible. If you live in the Nashville, Green Hills, or Belle Meade areas and have any questions about veneers or have already made your decision and want to move forward, please contact Devine Dentistry at (615) 269-4209. We look forward to helping you!