3 Reasons to keep your Dental Implant Clean

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It’s no secret by now that dental implants are becoming the go-to treatment for replacing missing teeth. From a single lost tooth to replacing a complete dental arch of teeth, implants are generally more preferred because they are permanent, and are the closest thing that you can get to having your natural teeth back. But, just because they aren’t susceptible to decay doesn’t mean they are maintenance-free. Dr. Brian Devine, an implant dentist in Nashville, recommends keeping your dental implants clean for these three reasons.

It prevents bad breath

Bad breath is something almost everyone deals with at some point. Pungent foods packed with onions and garlic can be to blame for the occasional bout of bad breath, but so can not keeping your teeth clean. Food particles leftover from your last meal is what fuels bacteria in your mouth. As the bacteria decompose the food bits, it results in a foul smell because the food is basically decomposing in your mouth. Brushing your teeth, including any dental implants that you have, helps, but flossing does even more. Be sure that you floss all of your teeth, including around and under your dental implant at least once per day. Larger food bits are more prone to getting stuck around under a dental implant, which can even irritate the gum tissue and lead to gum disease if you aren’t flossing daily.

It prevents gum disease

As we mentioned, not caring for your implant and getting your teeth cleaned can lead to gum disease, an oral disease classified as inflamed gums that bleed, and eventually shrink away from the base of your teeth or dental implant. This isn’t a good place to be, oral health-wise because it can lead to even more tooth loss and even implant failure.

It prevents implant failure

Implant failure results when a patient doesn’t take care of their dental implant, gum disease takes over, or when the body naturally rejects the implant (very rare, but possible). While some implant failures can be corrected by placing a bone graft, implant success often relies on patient compliance to perform regular oral hygiene at home, and follow through with their dental checkups and cleanings every six months. Implant failure, in some cases, could result in complete loss of the implant, and the inability to replace it in the future, which limits your tooth replacement options. Plus, it would be a total waste of money!

How can I keep my dental implant clean?

Cleaning your dental implant is fairly straightforward. Just brush all of your teeth, including your implant, as usual. Be sure that you clean around your implant crown, and underneath where it rests along the gum line. You can use floss, a water pick, or an interproximal brush that easily reaches these areas. Also, be sure that you visit your Nashville dentist twice a year for dental cleanings. While implants are resistant to decay, tartar buildup can still form along the implant and can infect the gums if it isn’t removed.

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