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So, you are afraid of going to the dentist? In that case, you fit in with the majority of the population that experience fear when visiting the dentist. A little fear is quite normal, but for some people, their fear turns into a high level of anxiety to the point that they skip going to the dentist altogether. This level of anxiety can cause a person to neglect their oral health for years, which only brings about oral health problems down the road.

What if we told you there is a solution to your dental anxiety?

There is no need to let anxiety hold you back when it comes to receiving the dental care that you need. Nitrous oxide sedation commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” is the solution you have been looking for – you can get dental treatments while feeling completely relaxed throughout the entire procedure. This form of sedation dentistry is often referred to as “conscious sedation,” because you will remain awake and able to communicate with the dental staff that is treating you. In fact, you may even feel so relaxed that you might think you are enjoying some time at the spa. Well, not quite! But you get the picture.

Is nitrous oxide right for me?

Nitrous oxide sedation is ideal for patients who experience dental anxiety, especially if your anxiety is so heightened that you avoid going to the dentist, even for regular dental cleanings. It is important for the health of your mouth and body that you receive routine checkups and cleanings. This way, your Nashville dentist can monitor any changes in your oral health, as well as treat problems when they arise instead of waiting until the problem develops into a severe health risk or acute pain.

Patients that are planning to undergo extensive procedures or lengthy cosmetic treatments may also consider nitrous oxide, which helps you not only feel relaxed but also makes it seem as though time is passing quickly.

Who should not undergo nitrous oxide sedation?

Not all patients are candidates for nitrous oxide. Certain medical conditions may hinder a patient from undergoing nitrous oxide sedation. Therefore, it is important that you discuss your medical history with the dentist beforehand.

What to expect

With nitrous oxide sedation, it is a simple process. Since you are not heavily sedated, you do not have to worry about what you eat or drink beforehand, and you can plan on driving yourself to and from your appointment.

When we are ready to begin your procedure, we will place a comfortable mask over your nose. It takes only minutes for the gas to kick in, creating the ultimate calming effect. You continue breathing the gas throughout your procedure as we closely monitor your vitals.

At the conclusion of your appointment, we have you breathe oxygen to bring you back out of your conscious state of sedation. After that, you are free to go on about your day!

Sedation dentistry in Nashville

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