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Same Day Crowns

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Forget what you think you know about dental crowns and how long it takes to receive one from your dentist. The Nashville cosmetic dentists at Devine Dentistry offers Same Day Crowns, using chairside technology to install a beautiful, fully-functioning crown in a single office visit.

How are Same Day Crowns installed?

The technology used in dental science is advancing at a rapid rate. One of the most exciting technological strides is the ability for restorations to be milled on-site and chairside, meaning while the patient waits at our office instead of coming back two weeks later.

The traditional crown procedure entails multiple office visits. At the first visit, impressions would be taken of the affected tooth—often a messy process, the tooth was prepped, and then a temporary restoration would be placed. The subsequent visit would have the permanent crown installed.

CAD/CAM technology and E4D System allow your Nashville cosmetic dentists to complete an entire crown procedure in a matter of hours. First, an intra-oral scanner is used to take digital images of the tooth. That data is used to immediately generate design plans for your customized crown, which are made chairside and created with precision in as little as an hour. From there, each Same Day Crown in Nashville is adjusted to match the shape and color of your other remaining natural teeth, while also being constructed with neuromuscular dimensions in mind to maintain—or even improve—the alignment of your bite.

Using CAD/CAM technology in Nashville, Devine Dentistry can construct a wide variety of restorations in a single day, including crowns, inlays and onlays, and veneers.

Why should you choose Same Day Crowns?

Convenience – The entire process often can be completed in two hours or less, allowing you to spend less time at the dentist—and avoid the hassle of having to make multiple appointments to receive your crown.

Quality – Because Same Day Crowns are constructed from digital images and measurements, these restorations often are more precise than those made by traditional means or sent off to a laboratory to be fabricated. Every crown installed by our Nashville cosmetic dentists is held to the same high standards; each of our crowns is made using high-grade dental porcelain, a beautiful material that reflects light in a similar manner to natural tooth enamel.

 The importance of crowns

 A crown can prevent total tooth loss, as it saves a tooth even if it has sustained major damage due to injury or tooth decay. Living with lost teeth can increase your vulnerability to serious oral health issues such as gum disease, and also can lead to other problems such as additional tooth loss or the deterioration of supporting bone structure. Eliminate your risk of these problems and give yourself a beautiful, stronger tooth by receiving a crown in a single office visit. To learn more about Same Day Crowns or any of the other procedures we can complete using CAD/CAM technology, call the Nashville office of Devine Dentistry today at (615) 269-4209 to schedule a consultation.

Same Day Crowns in Nashville

Devine Dentistry is proud to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art oral care for patients in the areas of Belle Meade, Green Hills and Nashville in Tennessee.