Sealants Protect your Child’s Teeth from Cavities

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Parents want to protect their children from harm. Many dental practices, such as your local Nashville dentist at Devine Dentistry, can safeguard the oral health of your child by applying sealants as an additional barrier against the threat of tooth decay.

What exactly is a sealant? It is a thin plastic coating, applied to the entire chewing surface of back teeth. Sealants are used most often on teeth at the back of the mouth, such as premolars and molars, which a child may have problems brushing regularly. Once placed on your teeth, a sealant dissolves into the grooves and depressions on the chewing surface, literally giving you another layer of defense against tooth decay.

Children are considered ideal candidates to receive sealants because decay is more likely to develop in the deep nooks of teeth when a person is at a young age. Protecting dental integrity during childhood and adolescence gives a person a greater chance of enjoying good oral health for an entire lifetime. A person is considered most sensitive to tooth decay between the ages of one and 14. That being said, many adults can benefit from receiving sealants.

Having sealants applied is a simple, fast, pain-free dental procedure. Our well-trained dental hygienist can perform this treatment in just a few minutes. First, any teeth that are being sealed are cleaned thoroughly using professional tools and techniques that completely remove all the plaque and tartar from your teeth. After this deep cleaning, the teeth are dried with an absorbent material such as cotton. Next, an acid solution is applied to the surfaces of teeth. This serves to fortify the chewing base, strengthening the ability of the sealant material to adhere to each tooth. Teeth are rinsed and dried thoroughly, at which time the sealants can be applied. We may use a special light to help harden the sealants once they have been applied to your teeth.

A dental sealant typically lasts between three and five years, but a sealant treatment may remain effective for up to 10 years after it is applied, giving you an additional layer of protection against tooth decay for possibly a decade or longer. To make sure your sealants last as long as possible, be sure to maintain a regular schedule of dental check-ups. Also, remember that sealants or any other preventive care treatment never should be considered a substitute for oral hygiene at home—a regimen that should include regular brushing and flossing. Anyone who receives a sealant also should refrain from chewing sticky candies or ice.

Sealants in Nashville

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