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How to Care for your Teeth when Wearing SureSmile® Aligners

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SureSmile ® is a revolutionary clear aligner orthodontic system that can give you the straight teeth and beautiful smile of your dreams. The plastic aligners are custom-fit to slowly move your teeth into the proper place requiring the patient to wear them for 22 hours per day for maximum effectiveness. Unlike braces, you can remove your SureSmile® aligners for eating, drinking, and when conducting oral hygiene. Even though the aligners are removable, we want to ensure you know how to care for your teeth when wearing SureSmile® aligners so that you maintain a healthy mouth and reduce your risk for advanced oral conditions.

Excellent Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is a crucial component of your overall health. While wearing the clear aligners, saliva struggles to continuously rinse harmful bacteria from your teeth and protect your tooth enamel. As the plastic blocks saliva, your risk of developing a cavity or gum disease increases, especially if you aren’t caring for your teeth properly. The board-certified Belle Meade dentists recommend brushing your teeth a minimum of twice a day. Anytime you eat food or drink a beverage other than water, you need to brush your teeth to remove food particles and bacteria. Also, flossing your teeth is essential because of the food debris and bacteria that get stuck between them. Failing to floss may increase your risk of cavities and gum disease, which isn’t a good combination if you’re trying to achieve the perfect smile.

Regular Dental Visits

During your SureSmile® dental treatment process, you will need to visit the dentist about every four to six weeks for a new set of aligners. However, remain mindful of your last dental checkup and cleaning and make sure to adhere to the six-month schedule. Regular dental checkups provide the SureSmile® dentists in Green Hills the ability to monitor more than your treatment results. The appointment allows the dentist to ensure there are no increased risks for gum disease or cavities. Your dental cleaning is a crucial way to keep hard-to-reach harmful bacteria from causing damage.

Drink Only Water

It can be easy to forget to remove your aligners before drinking a beverage. But unless you’re drinking plain water, you should remove your aligners until after you finish your drink. Since most beverages are acidic or contain sugar, the acids and sugar can reach underneath the aligner and attack your teeth. The higher the acidity or sugar content, the more harmful it is to your tooth enamel. Be sure to store your aligners in the protective case provided so that you don’t accidentally damage the aligners or lose them.

Clean Your Mouth Before Inserting Aligners

Food debris or harmful bacteria that get trapped underneath the aligners can cause tooth damage. Although you can remove your SureSmile® aligners to eat, you must make sure your teeth and mouth are clean before inserting them again. Your Belle Meade SureSmile® dentists understand that brushing and flossing may not be an option in some situations. Therefore, use mouthwash or water to swish and rinse out food debris and bacteria before wearing your aligners. However, as soon as possible, brush and floss your teeth.

SureSmile® Dentist in Belle Meade, Green Hills, and Nashville, TN

Your dream of perfectly straight teeth can come true with SureSmile® clear aligners. When you explicitly follow the directions provided by your SureSmile® dentist in Nashville, you can achieve your desired smile and maintain good oral health. To find out more about SureSmile® and if it is the right choice for you, feel free to contact Devine Dentistry at (615) 269-4209 or request an appointment online today.