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How can I tell if my Kid will need Orthodontic Treatment?

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Many teens get braces to achieve straight teeth. These days, it seems like a right of passage for kids. Does that mean that getting braces is inevitable? Not necessarily. However, there are significant signs that reveal whether braces could be in your child’s future. So today on the blog, we share how to tell if your kid will need orthodontic treatment. Plus, learn how you can help your child avoid getting braces later in life by receiving pre-orthodontics at an early age.

Signs that your child may need braces

One of the best ways to know if your child will need braces is to get a consultation with a reputable dentist. The earlier, the better because pre-orthodontic treatments may lessen their need for braces or help your child avoid braces entirely.

However, your child may need orthodontic treatment if they have the following orofacial myofunctional issues

  • They lost their baby teeth too early, late, or irregularly
  • Your child has difficulty chewing or biting
  • Your child bites their cheeks or roof of their mouth when biting or chewing
  • Your child is a mouth breather
  • Their teeth are crowded, crooked, or gapped
  • The jaws shift, pop when opening or closing, protrude or are recessed
  • Teeth do not come together properly (like in the case of an open bite)
  • Your child is a thumb sucker
  • The teeth and jaws are not proportionate to the rest of their face

The ideal age for braces is between ages 9 and 14. However, the MyoBrace system is a pre-orthodontic treatment that may help your child avoid needing braces. MyoBrace is a custom-made oral appliance that stimulates jawbone growth, allowing teeth to straighten on their own naturally. The appliance is worn for at least one hour a day and while sleeping. Myobrace’s goal is to unlock your child’s jaw growth and development potential by exerting light force on the teeth and jawbone, similar to braces. Plus, it helps curb habits like thumb-sucking, encourages upper palate development to prevent crowded teeth and a narrow airway, helps your child avoid the need for orthodontic extractions.

How old does a child need to be to undergo MyoBrace treatment?

MyoBrace treatment is best suited for children between the ages of 3 and 15. If you believe that your child may be headed toward braces, consider scheduling a consultation with a MyoBrace provider near you in Nashville.

How long does MyoBrace treatment last?

Treatment length varies, depending on your child’s cooperation. There also are some oral exercises that go along with the treatment that is necessary to reach treatment goals on time.

MyoBrace consists of four stages

  1. Habit correction
  2. Arch development
  3. Dental alignment
  4. Retention

Your MyoBrace provider will walk you and your child through each treatment stage to ensure optimal results are achieved.

Find a MyoBrace Provider Near You in Nashville

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