Why Stress-Free could be good for your Oral Health

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We all deal with some level of stress in our daily lives, but an extremely stressful situation can affect your physical and mental health. High-stress situations occupy your thoughts and zap your energy. Stress can affect your ability to rest, may hinder your appetite, and can lead to increases in blood pressure. Did you know, however, that stress also could have a major negative impact on your oral health?

Stress is the main cause of bruxism, the clinical term for habitual teeth clenching and grinding. Most people who have bruxism never realize it, as they engage in this behavior while sleeping. The American Sleep Association estimates that bruxism affects about 10 percent of adults in the United States and up to 15 percent of American children. Combined, that means more than 30 million people are living with bruxism on a daily basis. If bruxism goes untreated—and many cases of it are—then the teeth and mouth are at risk of sustaining devastating damage. Ignoring bruxism over a sustained period of time can wear down your teeth to tiny nubs!


If you are stressed and wake up with mysterious tooth or jaw pain, then you likely have bruxism. If so, your local Nashville dentist at Devine Dentistry recommends you explore any of the following behavior changes and coping mechanisms to help improve your mental and emotional health and lower your stress.

How to lower your stress

  • Hit the sack: Getting a good night’s sleep is key to good health. Make sure you are getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night to maintain a healthy body and mind.
  • Get moving: Whether that means hitting the gym, going for a run, or taking to the basketball court, regular exercise helps ease anxiety and releases endorphins that enhance your mood.
  • Stay balanced: A healthy balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will have you feeling better and improve your overall health. Choose raw, crunchy fruits and vegetables to give your teeth a workout as well.
  • Laughing matter: Sometimes, when life stresses you out, all you can do is laugh about it. If you are dealing with high stress, seek the company of friends and family to try and lighten your mood and find something to laugh about—it will help ease your anxiety and lighten your mood.
  • Seek help: Internalizing stress is never a good idea. If you are feeling overwhelmed, find a professional therapist to help you work through this difficult time.

How we treat bruxism

If you are stressed out and grinding your teeth, the oral health professionals at Devine Dentistry can help by protecting your teeth against the devastating effects of bruxism. We can provide you with a custom-made mouth guard that, when worn at night, will protect your teeth against the damaging effects of bruxism. These mouth guards are made of professional-grade materials and, because they are fabricated from specific impressions of your mouth, they fit as comfortably and effectively as possible.

If you have already suffered aesthetic changes to your teeth as a result of bruxism, our cosmetic dentist in Nashville at Devine Dentistry can rebuild your smile with a complete smile makeover. No smile is out of reach for us!

Stop clenching and grinding my teeth in Nashville

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