Smile Friendly Snack Ideas for Football Games

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Football season is here again! For many of us, that means gathering together on a weekly basis with friends and family to watch the game. Having snacks and drinks for these football parties is just part of the appeal, but making a few wise choices will prevent your oral health from getting sacked. Your Nashville oral health experts at Devine Dentistry have a great list of suggested snacks that will keep your friends, and their smiles, happy throughout the football season.

Meat and cheese trays are a great choice for big get-togethers. They allow everyone who attends to pick out something they like. To protect your smile, load up on those cubes or slices of cheese. They’re all packed with calcium to strengthen your teeth and to support bone structure, and also contain casein, a protein that helps protect the outer surface of your teeth.

Hummus can be a great addition to the game-day spread. First, the main ingredient—chickpeas—is rich in folic acid, which promotes good health in general by encouraging cell growth throughout the entire body. Hummus also is high in protein and has no cholesterol or saturated fat. It’s also courteous, as more and more Americans are choosing to maintain a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. It truly is the “zone defense” of football condiments!

Veggie trays have become as much a part of football parties as beer commercials during the game. Fuel up on crunchy raw vegetables like celery and carrots, which give your teeth a workout and naturally promote saliva, which helps to keep plaque-causing bacteria from accumulating on your teeth.

Substitutions are key. Just like any good coach, you need to know when to make a change. Consider some healthier alternatives to traditional game-day snacks. For example, you can offer veggie-filled wraps instead of sliders; serve yogurt, which promotes the growth of good bacteria in the mouth and body, in lieu of ice cream; make bruschetta as a replacement for traditional pizzas, or serve sweet potato fries instead of traditional french fries. You can also freshen up old standard snack recipes. For example, for a healthier twist on quesadillas, consider making some with apples, Brie, and arugula as the filling.

Don’t forget the fruit. Most people like apples and strawberries and both kinds of fruit improve your oral health and even can help whiten your teeth. How do they do this? Both types of fruit contain malic acid, which removes surface stains and whitens tooth enamel.

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Whatever you choose to snack on during the big game, make sure that you maintain your regular schedule of oral hygiene: brushing twice per day, flossing daily, and seeing your local Nashville dentist once every six months for a check-up that should include a cleaning, as well as an examination of your teeth and mouth.

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