Peppermint Oil can keep your Mouth Clean

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At Devine Dentistry, your local Nashville family dentists believe that the mouth is the gateway to the body—and that good oral health is a cornerstone of maintaining high overall health. That starts by keeping your mouth clean through a diligent regimen of oral hygiene. If you are looking for some additional help keeping your mouth clean, consider a natural remedy such as peppermint oil.

Peppermint has been used as a natural remedy dating back to ancient times

Peppermint oil is a tried-and-true remedy that has been used by civilizations all around the world for more than a thousand years. Traces of the oil have been detected in Egyptian pyramids. Ancient folk medicine in both China and Japan also applied the herb for medicinal uses. Peppermint oil also is one of the oldest European herbs used in traditional medicine.

Peppermint itself is a hybrid species of spearmint and water mint. The oils themselves are gathered either by carbon dioxide or cold extraction of the fresh aerial parts of the flowering plant. Active ingredients include menthol and menthone.

One of the most popular uses of peppermint oil is to freshen breath. The oil itself kills bacteria and fungus, both of which can cause infections in the mouth or lead to the development of cavities. Peppermint oil is especially effective against anaerobic bacteria, which thrive in a low-oxygen environment such as the spaces between teeth or below the gum line where cavities can form and thrive.

This essential oil is more than just a folk remedy. A lab study published in the European Journal of Dentistry in 2013, noted peppermint oil, along with four others, as effective antimicrobial agents to kill an assortment of oral pathogens. Certain studies also have noted that peppermint oil is more effective to reduce cavities than many of the active chemical ingredients used in mouthwashes.

Other medicinal applications of peppermint oil include relieving muscle pain, treating nasal congestion, reducing hunger, treating dandruff, repelling bugs and pests, allergy relief, minimizing feelings of nausea, soothing sunburn, and reducing bloat.

Peppermint oil can be a great addition to your dental hygiene routine

To use peppermint oil as a supplement in your normal routine of brushing and flossing, just add a drop of the essential oil to your tea at night or your toothpaste when brushing. You also can dilute peppermint oil in water and use it as a rinse, much like mouthwash, to quickly eliminate bad breath or eradicate a bad taste in your mouth. Rinsing with diluted peppermint oil also is a popular home remedy for minor toothaches—or for babies who are going through the pain of teething. Just be sure to properly dilute the oil before applying, and never apply essential oil to a baby younger than one year of age.

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Devine Dentistry believes that home remedies such as peppermint oil can enhance oral health, but remember there is no substitute for professional dental care. To learn more about the services we offer or to schedule a tour of our facility, contact our office today by calling (615) 269-4209.

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