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Do you know how to maintain a healthy mouth and avoid cavities? Most people will answer by saying that they need to brush and floss daily. While these tips play a significant role in helping us maintain good oral health, there is more to it than that. Your Nashville family dentists at Devine Dentistry want to share with you tips on how to improve your oral health by changing your diet.


What you eat matters when it comes to your teeth. It is no surprise that sugar is not a friend of dental enamel. Even if you brush immediately after consuming sugar, it is still not good for your teeth, and it increases your risk of cavities or gum disease. It is best to avoid sugar or minimize your intake of it.

Avoid the Ice

Another culprit to poor oral health, believe it or not, is ice. Many people crave ice or are addicted to munching on it while sipping a cold beverage. It is easy to get carried away and chew on ice during the summer to help cool off. However, ice can easily chip or fracture your teeth. In fact, the drastic changes in temperatures can cause microscopic fractures to develop in your teeth that eventually could turn into something more severe. Plus, chewing on ice can cause existing dental work such as crowns or fillings to break or fall out. Let the ice melt in your mouth instead of chewing on it next time.

Watch Your Citrus Intake

Although fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes have many nutritional benefits for our bodies, the high acid content can erode dental enamel if excessively consumed or if you do not brush away the residual acids left on your teeth after consuming them. Plus, too much citrus can aggravate the gum tissue in your mouth or exacerbate an already uncomfortable cold sore. Not able to brush your teeth afterward? Be sure to drink lots of plain water to help rinse away and neutralize the acids.


Your morning cup of joe may be harming your teeth, depending on how you drink it and how much of it you consume. Coffee in its natural form is not all that bad for you if consumed moderately. However, many people cannot resist the urge to dump loads of creamer and sugar into their coffee. While your coffee may taste better, you simply are bathing your teeth in sugar every time you sip this comforting beverage. Also, coffee is one of the most common causes of teeth staining. Enjoy your coffee, but try to drink it black if you can, or at the least drink plenty of water afterward.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit definitely has some health benefits, but it isn’t so good for your teeth. Sticky dried fruit is as bad for your teeth as chewy candies! Since sticky foods tend to stick to your teeth longer, consume these foods in moderation, and remember to brush and floss your teeth afterward. Instead of snacking on dried fruit during your day, opt for crunchy, fresh veggies like carrot or celery sticks instead. These veggies actually help remove buildup and biofilm from your teeth.

These are just a few instances on how you can change your diet to help improve your oral health. Keep in mind that diet, in combination with good oral hygiene habits and routine visits to your dentist in Nashville, are all part of keeping your mouth healthy and reducing your risk of cavities.

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