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Do you clench and grind your teeth at night? This is known as bruxism, and it can cause significant damage to your oral health including your teeth, and jaw joints. You may not even be aware that you have this issue, but there are certainly telltale signs of bruxism.

Signs that you have bruxism

The American Dental Association claims that nearly 15 percent of adults exhibit some form of bruxism. It can occur while you sleep or even during the day, especially if you are under a lot of stress. When bruxism occurs, it exerts as much as 600 pounds of stress on your teeth and jaws!

Here are signs that you may be experiencing bruxism:

  • Sore jaw
  • Headaches (upon waking up)
  • Worn down teeth (on the chewing surface)
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Failing dental work
  • Tooth pain
  • Facial pain
  • Head and neck pain

One of the most obvious signs of bruxism is the wear and tear that is causes on your teeth. If you grind and clench your teeth regularly, you will find that the top surface of your teeth is worn down. Eventually, if you do not protect your teeth from these effects, you could end up wearing your teeth down to numbs or even lose your teeth as they become weak and brittle.

What causes bruxism?

Bruxism is most often caused by stress or anxiety. It is normal for adults or even teens and children to experience varying degrees of stress or anxiety. Therefore, you may unknowingly divert that stress by clenching and grinding your teeth while you sleep. Also, if you suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder or a sleep breathing disorder, you may be more likely to have bruxism.

Treatment for Bruxism

The good news is that your Nashville dentist at Devine Dentistry can help you protect your teeth against the perils of bruxism by prescribing you a custom-made oral appliance known as a night guard. This appliance is made from impressions that we take of your mouth. This way, we are sure to get a customized, snug fit. Our night guards are of higher quality than the one-size-fits-all guards you may find in stores or online. It is important to understand that when you choose a custom-made night guard from your Nashville dentist, that you are investing in your oral health, an investment that is well worth the cost.

Repairing Damaged Teeth

If you have already begun to suffer the permanent consequences of bruxism, your Belle Meade cosmetic dentist can help repair that damage. At Devine Dentistry, we offer a variety of cosmetic dental procedures that can help restore your smile to its original state or even better than it was before! Dental crowns, veneers, or even dental implants can restore year’s worth of damage that is caused by bruxism.

The most important part of restoring your teeth, however, is to protect your new investment moving forward. We can do this with a new night guard.

If you would like to learn more about how to protect your teeth from bruxism or schedule an appointment for a custom-made night guard, contact Devine Dentistry by calling (615) 269-4209 to schedule a consultation.

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