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Growing up, if you had crooked teeth, you probably wore braces during your adolescent years. What if there was a way to correct tooth alignment before it became a problem? This might sound like a fantasy, but it is a reality thanks to Myobrace®, a revolutionary treatment method that corrects the problems that cause crooked teeth without braces or extracting teeth. Devine Dentistry is excited to offer this treatment system to our patients.

Here’s how Myobrace® works

Myobrace® consists of prescribing a child with a series of removable intra-oral appliances. Unlike braces, which are fixed in place by being cemented on each tooth, or by wearing clear plastic aligners that need to be worn for at least 20 hours a day, a Myobrace® appliance only needs to be worn for an hour during the day and also while your child sleeps.

Myobrace® targets the poor myofunctional habits that often develop during early childhood. These habits, such as mouth breathing or sucking the thumb and fingers, can cause permanent teeth to come in crooked when they erupt from the gum line. Negative myofunctional habits also can impede the development of the face and jaws, and lead to an unfavorable facial appearance.

When your child wears a Myobrace®, it encourages the correction of these habits and fosters optimum oral rest posture—with lips closed, teeth closed, and the tongue resting comfortably against the roof of the mouth. Not all Myobrace® appliances are the same; your child’s prescribed device will be based on his or her age, and the orthodontic problem being addressed. In addition to wearing the appliance, your child will be asked to perform a daily set of exercises called Myobrace® Activities. These exercises are very similar to myofunctional therapy and may entail certain instructions on breathing and swallowing, as well as working the tongue, lips, and muscles of the mouth.

A typical course of Myobrace® treatment consists of wearing three or more different oral appliances. The sooner in life treatment can start, the better; older children have had more time for negative oral habits to develop and potentially do damage to their oral development, also encouraging incorrect growth patterns, which can prolong the overall amount of time Myobrace® is needed to produce a successful outcome.

In addition to correcting the negative oral habits that cause crooked teeth and other problems, the treatment results of Myobrace® include:

  • Correcting jaw development
  • Promoting ideal jaw alignment
  • Straightening the teeth
  • Encouraging ideal facial development
  • Improving overall health and wellness
  • Encouraging healthy nutrition habits

There are four stages of Myobrace® treatment

  1. Habit correction – This teaches your child to breathe through the nose (as recommended) rather than the mouth, helps to achieve the ideal oral rest posture, and addresses any negative oral habits that have impacted the alignment of your child’s teeth or jaws.
  2. Arch development Wearing the Myobrace® oral appliance can widen the upper jaw, creating plenty of room for the teeth to emerge properly, and also enough space for the mouth to accommodate the tongue without it sliding back into the airway.
  3. Dental alignment – During adolescence, your child may be prescribed a Myobrace® for Teens, which usually is used as the final permanent teeth are erupting to make sure they align as they should.
  4. Retention – This stage of the Myobrace® system helps make sure that the good habits that have been built are maintained.

Myobrace® in Nashville

Your Nashville dentists Dr. Brian Devine and Dr. Russell Mack have gone through the training to provide Myobrace® to our patients in Belle Meade, Green Hills, and Nashville in Tennessee. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about Myobrace®. Or, to find out more, contact the office of Devine Dentistry today by calling (615) 269-4209 to schedule a consultation.