is nitrous oxide right for me

Is Nitrous Oxide Right for me?

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Going to the dentist is a necessary part of maintaining your oral health and your overall health. On the other hand, many individuals fear just the thought of going to the dentist or experience a great deal of anxiety when receiving dental treatments. If you are in search of a way to feel calm and relaxed during your dental procedure, nitrous oxide may be the right option for you.

If you are considering nitrous oxide for your appointment, you likely have some questions as to whether it is right for you. While a consultation with your Nashville dentist at Devine Dentistry is the only true way to know for sure, we have provided you with some information that can help you decide if you want to receive nitrous oxide during your appointment.

Am I a candidate for nitrous oxide?

Most healthy individuals without preexisting medical conditions are candidates for nitrous oxide. With that being said, however, we urge you to share your complete medical history with us, as certain medical conditions may preclude you from receiving this form of sedation dentistry.

However, you may be a candidate if you:

  • Are not claustrophobic
  • Are not pregnant
  • Do not have a medical condition that may interfere

Neglecting your oral health can lead to extensive, not to mention more expensive, procedures. Therefore, if you avoid going to the dentist entirely due to your fears, you may be a candidate for nitrous oxide.

Who can benefit from nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide can help you feel relaxed and calm, but also has some other benefits that patients appreciate. Nitrous oxide is ideal for these scenarios if you:

  • Are undergoing a lengthy appointment
  • Find it difficult to sit still during long appointments
  • Experience fear or anxiety at the thoughts of going to the dentist
  • Have a difficult time getting numb
  • Are unable to hold your mouth open for lengthy periods of time
  • Experience jaw joint discomfort during your appointment
  • Have a strong gag reflex

Nitrous oxide is especially ideal when patients undergo surgical tooth extractions or cosmetic dental treatments that may require them to sit still for a lengthy period of time. Receiving nitrous oxide means that you can get the dental care that you need, without all of the worry and anxiety.

How should I plan my visit?

Receiving nitrous oxide is a smooth experience. You will remain awake throughout your procedure and can communicate with your dental care team. You will be aware of your surroundings, although you will remain in a state of relaxation and calmness. Since the effects of the gas wear off rather quickly, you will be back to yourself in no time following your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide in Nashville

If you would like to learn more about nitrous oxide or to see if it is right for you, contact Devine Dentistry today by calling (615) 269-4209 to schedule a consultation.

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