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Why we should Show our Teeth some Gratitude

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This month, we are reminded to be thankful for all that we have in our lives, even though it’s been a tough year for everyone. Health, family, friends, and life are usually top of gratitude lists. Nashville family dentists at Devine Dentistry want to remind you that there’s something else to be thankful for – your teeth! Check out our newest blog today for reasons to show your chompers some appreciation.

Teeth are one of our most defining facial features

You’ve probably heard that smiles are the first thing that most people notice about others when meeting them for the first time, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Even more so, the same study revealed that 74% of respondents believe that an unattractive smile could hinder one’s career. But no worries if you aren’t happy with your smile because our Nashville cosmetic dentists can have you smiling confidently in no time.

Teeth help us talk

Our teeth are an essential part of speech. Without teeth, it would be difficult or nearly impossible to say words with the sounds ‘f,’ ‘v,’ ‘s,’ ‘th,’ and others. That’s why oral care is important for all ages, even kids. Children are already learning how to speak and pronounce words, so it’s essential for them to take care of their teeth as they develop. But even for adults, having a full set of teeth is essential for communicating.

Teeth allow us to eat and enjoy our Thanksgiving food

Ok, well, not just Thanksgiving food, but all the food! Missing even one tooth makes it challenging to chew food properly. Miss a substantial amount of teeth, and you may not be able to enjoy food at all or be limited to mushy food. The front teeth (incisors) are responsible for tearing food, like sandwiches and meat. While the premolars and molars serve the role of crushing everything that we chew. Imagine a Thanksgiving meal where you didn’t get to enjoy turkey or ham or a delicious pecan pie!

Teeth help with digestion

Digestion begins in the mouth as our teeth get to work mashing food as we eat. Chewing food stimulates saliva flow, which helps breakdown food particles. Enzymes in our saliva kickstart the digestion process. If you couldn’t chew your food properly, you may end up battling digestive issues such as an upset stomach, excess gas, and bloat.

We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and all year round, especially our teeth! If you have concerns about your teeth or want to schedule an appointment to find out how cosmetic dentistry could help you regain your confidence, contact Devine Dentistry by calling (615) 269-4209. Devine Dentistry offers cosmetic dental procedures from teeth whitening to veneers that allow patients to achieve a smile not only can be thankful for but proud of too. Learn more or get started by scheduling a consultation. We welcome patients of Nashville, Green Hills, and Belle Meade.