never too late to go to the dentist

It’s Never Too Late to go to the Dentist

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Putting off visits to the dentist is an easy habit that many people do, although these six-month appointments are necessary for maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile. However, as the years pass, you might notice your oral health decline and feel that you’ve reached a point of no return or that your teeth are hopeless and irreparable. Have you been avoiding the dentist? Maybe you’re afraid of seeing the dentist because of a bad prior experience, or maybe you feel self-conscious because of past neglect of regular dental visits. In this article, your Nashville family dentists at Devine Dentistry encourages you to visit the dentist, no matter the state of your oral health.

Are you embarrassed about your oral health? Here’s why you shouldn’t be

Nationwide, thousands, if not millions, of people avoid the dentist out of feelings of embarrassment or fear. They feel bad about neglecting professional dental care for so long, or they worry that if they do suck up their courage and make an appointment, they’ll be lectured about what they perceive as the sorry state of their teeth. Some people even conclude that there’s no point in going to the dentist—that their teeth are unsalvageable. Does this sound like you or someone you love? If so, you should know that there’s always time to improve your oral health.

At Devine Dentistry, you can expect a warm, accepting atmosphere that is free of judgment. Making you feel ashamed will not do anything to help improve your oral hygiene. Likewise, we will avoid guilt-tripping you. It could have the opposite effect—making you avoid returning to the dentist and repeating your current cycle. Remember, we’re here to help. Working together with you and moving forward is the only path toward improved oral health.

Maybe you’re anxious about the condition of your teeth, to the point that you’re convinced that your teeth are beyond saving. Trust us, your mouth or your spouse’s mouth will not be the worst that we’ve ever seen at Devine Dentistry. Actually, many people who have this opinion about themselves suffer from minor dental problems that are fairly easy to correct.

With that said, we need to be honest.

Some Tough Truths About Neglecting Dental Visits

Avoiding the dentist worsens existing dental problems. And, the worse things get, the more time and money you can expect to spend at the dentist. If you’re already nervous about visiting a dentist office in Nashville, the prospect of long sessions in the dental chair probably doesn’t fill your heart with glee. Plus, making a choice to see your dentist now, even if you’ve let your care lapse, is going to save you money in the long run as compared to waiting a month, multiple months, or even a year or longer before taking that next step.

Neglecting your dental health also can have consequences on your overall health. Eventually, if you start losing your permanent teeth, this impacts your ability to chew and, with it, your nutrition. If not addressed, living with missing teeth increases your risk of losing other permanent teeth. Meanwhile, untreated and severe gum disease greatly can increase your risk of potentially fatal heart issues.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Nashville

It’s never too late to get back on track for good dental health. Whether you’re just overdue for a cleaning, think you’re showing early signs of gum disease, or need to replace a lost tooth, Devine Dentistry is here to help. We offer all of those services, plus much more. And if you’re staying away from the dentist out of concern about cost, rest easy. We work with CareCredit to offer third-party financing and also can help arrange payment schedules, especially during these stressful times, so you don’t have to choose between your health or your finances. We also offer in-house membership plans that allow patients to make small monthly payments to receive routine and restorative dental care at an affordable rate.

Whether it’s been exactly six months or much longer since your last check-up, now is a great time to get back to the dentist. Devine Dentistry would love to see you. Contact us today to make an appointment by calling (615) 269-4209 if you live in the areas of Nashville, Green Hills, and Belle Meade, Tennessee.