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How to Convince your Loved One to go to the Dentist

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Dental phobia is real, and it affects millions of people. Whether it stems from a previous bad experience at the dentist or simply not having an understanding of what to expect, the thoughts of going to the dentist invokes significant fear in many people. You may be one of them! Most likely, you ended up on our blog today because you have a friend or loved one that falls into this category, and you’re trying to help. Today on the blog, we share ways to convince your loved one to go to the dentist without sounding pushy or giving them a guilt trip. You value the importance of oral health, and we want to help you help your loved one feel the same.

Be Sensitive

Whether you want to address your family member’s bad breath or they complain of dental pain, you have to approach the topic in a sensitive manner. Lecturing them or making them feel bad about not going to the dentist isn’t the way to win them over. For instance, avoid saying something frank like, “Your breath really stinks. You should do something about it.” Instead, start the conversation by sharing some general information about how skipping dental cleanings can lead to tartar buildup and bad breath. And that oftentimes chronic bad breath could be an indicator of gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss. Gauge their response after that. If they respond with, “Well, I’m never going to the dentist.” Find out what’s preventing them from going and provide a gentle response.

Be Gentle

If your loved one is too afraid of going, allow them to open up to you about their dental phobia. You may even want to relate by sharing an experience of your own, and how after seeing the dentist, you were glad that you did because it helped by stopping the pain, or you feel confident now that your teeth are in good shape and you have fresh breath.

Recommend a Great Dentist

Not all dentists are created the same. We are all different, and sometimes, finding the right dentist matters when it comes down to overcoming dental phobia. Offer to help your loved one find a great dentist in Nashville or a dentist in Belle Meade that works with anxious patients. Working with dental phobia requires patience and understanding. At Devine Dentistry, we understand our patients that have dental phobia, and our caring and compassionate dentists and team members will make them feel right at home from the moment they enter our practice.

Help Them Prepare

Typically, it’s ideal to accompany your loved one to the dentist if they are extremely fearful of going. But in the wake of the pandemic, guests are asked to wait in their cars. So, while you may drive your loved one to their appointment, they will be asked to come inside alone unless they require assistance walking to the door. But by driving them to their appointment, you get to make sure they A) actually show up and B) provide moral support along the way.

Other ways to help them prepare are to encourage them to bring earbuds or headphones with them so that they can listen to music or watch a show on their personal device. Maybe they prefer to read and can bring along a good book or their favorite magazine to browse during any downtime. The idea is to keep their minds distracted while they are at the dentist’s office in Nashville.

Keep Encouraging Them

The more often they go to the dentist for painless visits, like for cleanings and checkups, the less scary the more involved appointments become. Additionally, when you take good care of your teeth and see the dentist regularly, you are less likely to need invasive treatments such as root canals or extractions. If, however, your loved one isn’t at that point just yet and needs a little help feeling relaxed while at the dentist, we offer sedation dentistry in Nashville, including nitrous oxide and IV sedation.

General Dentists that Offer Sedation Dentistry in Nashville, Belle Meade, and Green Hills

We understand that you value good oral hygiene and only want the best for your loved one, which is why Devine Dentistry is ideal for anxious patients. Looking for a trusted Nashville dentist that offers sedation dentistry? Contact Devine Dentistry today by calling (615) 269-4209. Our compassionate and gentle team will help your loved one feel comfortable and calm during their visit with us.