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How to Afford Dental Care when you don’t have Insurance

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If you don’t have dental insurance, it may be the main reason why you never go to the dentist. Patients who pay out of pocket for dental services may choose to wait until they experience pain before visiting the dentist. Unfortunately, waiting only exacerbates the problems and creates even more damage requiring more of a financial commitment. Fortunately, the board-certified Nashville dentists at Devine Dentistry explain how to afford dental care when you don’t have insurance, so you and your family can maintain optimal oral health without breaking the bank.

Membership Plans

Devine Dentistry is honored to offer patients without dental insurance the affordability of crucial basic dental care needs. Through our three Membership Plans, Individual, Children, or Periodontal, you can receive regular dental checkups and cleanings at our friendly Belle Meade dental office. Membership Plans are available for a low monthly cost so that you can afford the dental care that you need. Regular checkups and cleanings help prevent common dental conditions, such as cavities or gum disease, which harbor more expenses. Although the Membership Plan is not dental insurance, it is affordable to address your basic or advanced oral health care needs. Your selected plan lasts for one year, and you can make manageable monthly payments instead of paying a large lump sum.

Membership Plan Details

Depending on your dental condition and age, the Green Hills professional dentists have a Membership Plan that can help you maintain or restore your oral health. All three Membership Plans cover necessary procedures, such as periodic exams, a comprehensive exam, an emergency exam, cleanings, an oral cancer screening, fluoride treatment, bitewing images, and a CT scan. Additional benefits for each plan include discounts on advanced treatments like dental crowns, fillings, root canals, dental implants, and many more services. You may also add optional benefits to your Membership Plan to cover teeth whitening treatments or periodontal maintenance, for example.

The Fine Print

As with most dental plans, you must know some exceptions and details before opting for one of the Membership Plans. The Nashville family dentists explain that the Membership Plans are for preventative care services only and do not include additional benefits for medical conditions, emergencies, or illnesses. Also, discounts do not apply to previous procedures before the plan began, and coverage is non-transferable. Finally, the Membership Plan benefits are exclusive to patients who visit Devine Dentistry and will not cover dental services at other dental offices.

Affordable Dentists in Belle Meade, Green Hills, and Nashville, TN

Ignoring your oral health can cause severe conditions in your mouth and overall wellbeing that can increase your dental expenses. With the Membership Plans at the friendly Green Hills dentists near you, if you do not have dental insurance, you can afford primary care to prevent advanced conditions that often result in expensive dental bills. If the monthly membership amount is challenging to budget because of financial stress, feel free to discuss other available payment options with our office manager.  To ask questions about the Membership Plans and determine which one is right for you, schedule your appointment by calling Devine Dentistry at (615) 269-4209 or contact us online for your consultation today.