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When is the last time you went to see your dentist? If you only seek dental care when you have a problem, you are setting up yourself for trouble. Nashville dentist Dr. Brian Devine wants to make you aware of how often you should go to the dentist, and why regular dental visits are important to your oral health.

Seeing your dentist every six months is recommended for your oral health

The American Dental Association has been advising patients to have a check-up twice per year for quite some time. These regular dental visits are crucial to maintaining a high level of oral hygiene and reducing the risk of problems with your teeth and mouth. Keeping this regular schedule of dental appointments helps detect and prevent cavities. Tooth decay is one of the most widespread chronic diseases in the United States, and if large cavities form, then you may need a more intensive procedure such as a crown or a root canal to repair the damage. 

By visiting your local Belle Meade dentists at Devine Dentistry every six months, we can identify cavities in early stages. Treating small cavities means less of the tooth structure needs to be removed to repair them, keeping your teeth stronger and reducing the likelihood you will need more complex dental procedures in the future.

What to expect at a dental check-up

The cornerstone of a dental check-up is a cleaning. Performed by a trained and courteous dental hygienist, this procedure completely removes all the plaque and bacteria from your teeth. The build-up of plaque threatens your oral health and can lead to tooth decay if ignored, because this plaque combines with the sugars that are present in your food, forming strong acids that weaken the enamel of your teeth and lead to the development of cavities. Removing plaque buildup can reduce your risk of cavities and tooth decay.

Even the most diligent tooth brushing will not remove all the plaque from your teeth, as there are certain spots where your toothbrush cannot reach—especially if your teeth overlap or are crooked. The professional instruments used at state-of-the-art dental practices in Green Hills like Devine Dentistry make it easy to remove plaque, and deposits of tartar, which form when plaque is allowed to harden on teeth.

Another key aspect of a check-up is having your oral health evaluated by a dentist like Nashville’s Dr. Devine. He will examine your teeth and mouth for any signs of oral health problems. The dental staff also may take X-rays or perform other diagnostic tests. By maintaining a regular schedule of dental visits, a consistent record of your oral health will be built, making it easier to identify any significant changes that could be indicators that a problem has developed.

Schedule an appointment with your Belle Meade family dentist if you notice signs of trouble

We hope you understand the importance of keeping a regular schedule of dental visits, but if you are experiencing pain or some other problem with your teeth, do not wait until your next check-up to see your dentist. Call Devine Dentistry to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Certain symptoms are strong indicators of a problem with your oral health. These include pain, possibly emanating from the teeth, gums, or jaws; a cracked or chipped tooth; bleeding or receding gums; loose dental work; problems chewing; or white or red patches in your gums or mouth that could be an indicator of something serious.

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