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Not all dentists are created equal. Just about any dentist can meet your basic needs—cleaning teeth, filling cavities, etc.–but at some point in your life, the chances are good that you will require or desire more advanced services from your dentist. Choosing a dentist is a big decision. Which practitioner will meet your current, and future, needs? Devine Dentistry is here to help by providing you with these tips on finding the right dentist for you in Nashville.

Does your dentist offer the latest technological advances?

Any dentist working at the forefront of the field will be using some of the latest technologies, tools, and treatments in their office. Devine Dentistry uses state-of-the-art tools to provide the highest level of care. Some of the innovations used by Drs. Russell Mack and Brian Devine include laser dentistry, which performs soft-tissue procedures quickly and accurately with minimal discomfort and bleeding; CAD/CAM systems, allowing many restorations to be made in a single day; and digital X-ray systems, which take images that are more precise and clear while emitting a fraction of the radiation compared to traditional X-ray machines.

Devine Dentistry also is proud to offer Fountain of Youth Dentures. Known as FOY Dentures, these replacement teeth are constructed according to the neuromuscular dimensions of your mouth and face, maintaining or even improving the alignment of your bite while also retaining the optimum structure of your face. When worn, FOY Dentures can make a patient with missing tooth literally look years younger.

Is sedation dentistry offered?

The American Dental Association estimates that more than one-third of people in the United States do not go to the dentist even once per year—much less make visits every six months for a check-up as recommended. People have all kinds of reasons for neglecting dental care, but one prevalent motivation is dental anxiety. This condition occurs when a person feels high levels of anxiety or even outright fear over the prospect of seeing the dentist. Ironically, people who suffer from dental anxiety often are in the greatest need of having a professional tend to their oral health, as serious problems may have developed as a consequence of their neglect.

Sedation dentistry is the answer to overcoming dental anxiety, or any other pre-existing condition that makes it difficult to remain in the dentist’s chair for an extended period of time. Devine Dentistry offers two forms of sedation. The first is nitrous oxide, a gas that is inhaled and has a calming effect, diminishing any fearful feelings while maintaining your ability to communicate. The second method is IV sedation, which is administered via injection and works especially quickly because it is injected directly into the bloodstream.

Are specialized services offered?

What do neuromuscular dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and sleep apnea dentistry have in common? They require post-graduate training and education to offer top-notch results—and they all are among the range of services offered at Devine Dentistry. Whether you are looking to have a case of TMJ disorder treated via neuromuscular dentistry, improve the appearance of your teeth and mouth through cosmetic dentistry, achieve straighter teeth through orthodontics, or have a sleep breathing disorder identified and treated, Devine Dentistry can meet all of those needs. Take the next step and schedule a consultation with us by calling (615) 269-4209.

Devine Dentistry is proud to serve patients in the areas of Belle Meade, Nashville, and Green Hills in Tennessee.