Clearing up Three Misconceptions about going to the Dentist

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The American Dental Association recommends each person see his or her dentist once every six months for a check-up, which should include a cleaning and an examination of your teeth and mouth. That said, an ADA study found that more than one-fifth of all respondents hadn’t been to their dentist for at least two years. Has it been a while since you’ve been to the dentist? Unfortunately, there is some misinformation out there when it comes to dental care. Your Nashville family dentists at Devine Dentistry want to bust these myths, so here are three common misconceptions about seeing the dentist.

Misconception 1) Going to the dentist is going to hurt

This may have been true in years past, but advances in technology and treatment make dental care more convenient and comfortable than it’s ever been. Our dentists, Drs. Brian Devine and Russell Mack, are up to speed on the latest techniques and tools in dentistry. The entire team at Devine Dentistry has the experience and compassion you want when choosing a dentist in Nashville. For patients who suffer from dental anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry via either nitrous oxide or IV sedation. You can minimize the chance of dental pain by renewing a regular schedule of dental check-ups, as well as adhering to any instructions provided after a more intensive procedure such as a root canal, the installation of a dental implant, or an extraction.

Misconception 2) Dental care is too expensive

It’s true, that being cared for by a state-of-the-art dentist does have a significant financial cost. Also, even dental insurance may not cover certain desired procedures, such as cosmetic dentistry or certain restorative procedures. You may think dentistry is too expensive, especially if you do not have dental insurance, but have you considered the long-term cost of continuing to avoid the dentist? If you continue to neglect your dental health, any existing problems only are going to get worse. Tooth decay may infect the interior of your tooth, including the nerve and necessitating a root canal or require a tooth to be extracted. These procedures are more expensive than a regular check-up, and also are more serious with specific post-procedure instructions to avoid issues like an infection or a dry socket. Prevention saves you time, money, and discomfort—whether or not you have insurance. At Devine Dentistry, we believe finances never should be your deciding factor when determining your level of care. We work with several different insurance providers and also offer third-party financing through CareCredit.

Misconception 3) Brushing your teeth as hard as possible gets them clean

When it comes to keeping your teeth clean, brushing them regularly means much more than how hard you scrub. Actually, if you use too much “elbow grease” when brushing your teeth, this can do more harm than good. This is known as overbrushing, and it can damage your enamel, which is the vital outer layer of your tooth structure and important to protect your teeth against damage from decay or injury. Deteriorated enamel also can increase tooth sensitivity, while also elevating your risk of gum disease. If you need any help with your dental hygiene routine, our compassionate staff can help show you the proper brushing techniques during one of your check-ups.

Dental care in Nashville

Now that you’ve been educated on these misconceptions, isn’t it time to reclaim ownership of your oral health? Even if it’s been a while since you’ve been to the dentist, the team at Devine Dentistry can get you back on track. Call our office at (615) 269-4209 to schedule your consultation if you live in the areas of Belle Meade, Green Hills, and Nashville in Tennessee.