can metal fillings cause allergic reaction

Can Metal Fillings cause an Allergic Reaction?

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Metal or silver fillings consist of amalgam, a common dental material used for many decades to repair cavities. Amalgam fillings have even been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Dental Association, although there have been reports of adverse reactions in recent years. Today on the blog, our Nashville dentists discuss whether metal fillings cause an allergic reaction.

Many dental materials like amalgam fillings and even metal dental crowns contain nickel, which also is a common metal that causes allergic reactions in certain individuals. Women are more likely to experience allergic reactions to metals, which may appear as a rash on the skin or contact dermatitis. There are fewer than 100 reports of amalgam filling allergies a year, so the likelihood that someone is allergic to their dental filling is quite rare, although not unheard of. However, many other problems may arise as a result of old silver fillings. Continue reading to learn other reasons why you may want to consider replacing your amalgam fillings with new composite ones.

Silver fillings deteriorate

Dental restorations, including amalgam fillings, are designed to withstand chewing and biting pressure, although they won’t last forever. However, amalgam fillings are notorious for deteriorating quicker than most any other type of dental restoration. Many people who received amalgam fillings when they were younger find themselves having to get new fillings or a complete dental crown in adulthood.

Silver fillings are more likely to damage the tooth

Amalgam fillings are more likely to cause damage to the existing tooth because the metal reacts differently than teeth to temperature changes in the mouth. Over time, this may cause the tooth to fracture or break, resulting in the need for a more extensive dental restoration.

Silver fillings are more likely to fall out or break

If you have silver fillings that are more than a couple of decades old, the chances are the filling is likely to fall out of the tooth or break. It’s not that the metal isn’t strong enough. It just doesn’t react the same as your natural tooth. Therefore, old silver fillings are notorious for leaking, causing decay underneath the filling and eventually falling out completely. That’s why you might lose your filling while eating a banana!

What to get instead of a silver filling

Instead of amalgam, dentists at the forefront of the field now offer composite resin to repair cavities. Composite blends with your tooth structure, so your fillings won’t be obvious when you laugh or talk. Additionally, composite fillings respond similarly to teeth when you eat hot or cold substances. Therefore, composite fillings are less likely to break or fracture or damage your tooth. And the best part is that composite fillings are designed to outlast their metal counterparts!

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Nashville, Belle Meade, and Green Hills

If you have old silver fillings you’d like replaced or have a cavity and are interested in getting a filling with a material other than amalgam, contact Nashville dentists at Devine Dentistry by calling (615) 269-4209. Our general dentists provide metal-free restorations in Nashville, Belle Meade, and Green Hills.