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3 Ways to Afford Dental Care Post-Pandemic

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The COVID pandemic hit everyone’s wallet. Many households, especially those affected by job loss, had to put necessities and even dental care on hold during the pandemic. But as the economy is getting back up and running again, workers are returning to the workforce, and businesses are gladly accepting patrons. Although the pandemic seems to be settling down, and life is on its way to getting back to “normal,” it doesn’t mean that your bank account will bounce back as quickly, leaving you to figure out how to pay for the dental care that you and your family needs. Today on the blog, our Nashville family dentists at Devine Dentistry share three ways to afford dental care post-pandemic.

Use an HSA account

If you are fortunate to have a Health Savings Account (HSA) with a balance, now would be the perfect time to dip into those funds to pay for needed dental care like cleanings, emergency dental treatments, and more. An HSA is an account that you can set up to defer tax-free money to use for future health care costs, including dentistry. Unused funds roll over year to year and may be eligible to gain interest, allowing you to save towards retirement, should you not end up using the entire balance. HSAs may be employer-sponsored, or you can get one outside of your job. The account belongs to the account holder, not the employer. If you have an HSA, check your benefits to learn more about eligible medical expenses and how to withdraw money from the account.

Apply for CareCredit

CareCredit is a third-party financing company that works like a credit card. There is an application and approval process, so not everyone is eligible. However, for those that qualify, CareCredit allows you to place the entire balance of your office visit on credit and make low monthly payments until the balance is paid. Some purchases qualify for special interest-free promotions, but you should plan on paying off the balance before the promotion ends to avoid paying interest. Another benefit of CareCredit is that you can use it to pay for dental care and other eligible medical expenses for your spouse or dependents. This makes affording dental care for the whole family much easier than before.

Ask about In-House Membership Programs

At Devine Dentistry, we believe in the importance of taking care of your oral health and that every patient should be able to afford the care they need. For this reason, we offer in-house membership plans. Please keep in mind that our membership plans are not dental insurance. Instead, they require a small monthly payment. They include specific dental services like cleanings, exams, x-rays, oral cancer screenings, fluoride treatments, and additional savings on restorative and cosmetic dentistry like fillings, crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, and other services. We offer membership plans for children, adults, and those needing periodontal management services.

Affordable Dentist in Nashville and Green Hills

If you’re looking for ways to afford dental care or need an affordable dentist in Belle Meade and Nashville, look no further than Devine Dentistry. Our state-of-the-art dental practice provides all of the care that your family needs under one roof, including general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, as well as sleep apnea and TMJ screenings. To learn more or schedule an appointment, please call Devine Dentistry at (615) 269-4209.