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FAQs about Myobrace®

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Orthodontic treatment has changed. Thanks to a state-of-the-art method called the Myobrace® system, your child can have a mouth full of straight, perfectly aligned teeth without the need for braces or plastic aligners. Orthodontics takes a reactive approach to straightening teeth, while the new Myobrace® system is proactive at preventing misaligned teeth and under developed jaws. Since this is a relatively new method of treatment, many patients have questions about Myobrace®. As a licensed Myobrace® provider in Nashville, Devine Dentistry supplied this list of answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How does Myobrace® work?  

Myobrace® treatment consists of wearing a series of removable oral appliances while also performing a series of activities, or oral exercises, twice each day. The appliance, which only needs to be worn for about an hour each day and also while you sleep, encourages the correction of any negative oral habits while also applying gentle pressure to bring the teeth and jaws into their ideal alignment. The activities, meanwhile, encourage proper breathing and swallowing while also working the tongue, lips, and cheeks.

How long does Myobrace® treatment take?

This varies based on the orthodontic diagnosis of each individual patient, but any course of Myobrace® treatment consists of four phases: 
  1. Habit correction – Focusing on correcting any negative habits, and seeking to attain the ideal oral rest posture: with lips together, teeth together, and the tongue resting comfortably against the roof of the mouth.
  2. Arch development – Widening the upper jaw, making sure there is adequate space for permanent teeth to erupt from the mouth and that there is enough room in the mouth to sufficiently accommodate the tongue.
  3. Dental alignment – Guiding teeth into their ideal straight position. This phase usually starts as the final permanent teeth are erupting from the gum line.
  4. Retention – This phase ensures that the results of this method of treatment will last. Continued use of Myobrace® through all four phases ensures the positive oral habits will be maintained and also prevents the relapse that many patients with braces experience because they do not wear a retainer as prescribed.

What can Myobrace® do for my child?

Common treatment outcomes of Myobrace® include: 
  • Eliminating any negative habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrust, mouth breathing) that can lead to tooth alignment and jaw development issues
  • Encouraging proper development and alignment of the jaws
  • Straightening teeth
  • Optimizing facial development to the fullest
  • Encouraging healthy eating habits
  • Improving overall health

Who can receive Myobrace® treatment?

Treatment can begin as early as the age of three, and continue into adolescence—typically ceasing by the time a teenager is 15 years old. Each patient is different, but Myobrace® usually is most effective between the ages of six and 10, when children still are growing. Beginning Myobrace® in the “tweens” or teens may be less successful, as the negative habits have had more time to develop and are harder to correct.

Is Myobrace® right for my child?

Regular or frequent illnesses can hinder the effectiveness of the Myobrace® oral appliance, prolonging treatment, or preventing a successful treatment outcome. The best way to know if your child can benefit from Myobrace® is to schedule a consultation with Drs. Brian Devine and Russell Mack at Devine Dentistry.

Myobrace® in Nashville

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