Why do my Dentures keep Falling Out?

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It’s hard to get dentures to fit well and not slip or fall out. The struggle is real, especially for anyone who has worn dentures for many years. It can be frustrating and embarrassing to deal with uncomfortable dentures or false teeth that flop out when you try to eat or talk. Dr. Brian Devine, a certified FOY® dentures provider in Nashville, wants to share with you reasons why dentures become loose over time, and what can be done about it.

Reasons Why Dentures Don’t Fit

Bone Resorption

Bone resorption is the most common reason why dentures don’t fit well. It occurs as a result of tooth loss, especially when all of your teeth are missing. The roots of teeth provide stimulation to the jawbone, and the jawbone doesn’t have a reason to stick around after teeth are extracted unless they are replaced. Ultimately, it resorbs or shrinks away, causing dentures not to fit properly.

Worn Out Dentures

No dental work is designed to last forever, unfortunately. While you can expect to get 5-10 years out of most restorations, a set of dentures probably needs to be remade about once a decade or so, or at the time they become loose and shift around frequently. Worn out dentures aren’t comfortable and look less natural too.

Warped Dentures

Dentures become warped if soaked or cleaned in hot water, or left out in the sun or in a hot car. You might wonder why someone would carelessly leave their false teeth lying around, but it happens! They also could become warped from normal wear and tear. Unfortunately, warped dentures cannot be repaired. A new set would need to be made.

Gummy Ridge

The gummy ridge is the area of your mouth where your dentures rest. We previously touched on how the jawbone resorbs due to significant tooth loss, and left behind are thick or overgrown gums. This could influence how your dentures fit, their comfort, and functionality.

Oral Cancer

The rarest cause of ill-fitting dentures is oral cancer. Signs of oral cancer may include lumps, bumps, or masses of tissue under your dentures, along your jaw, or throat. If you notice any changes or experience pain from an undetermined source, let the dentist check it out right away. With oral cancer, like any other type of cancer, the survival rate is substantial if caught early.

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