Seven reasons to consider FOY Dentures®

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Whether you have been living with tooth loss, or you have grown dissatisfied with your existing dentures, Fountain of Youth (FOY) Dentures® can be the solution you have been seeking. Devine Dentistry, the only licensed FOY Dentures® provider in the area of Belle Meade, would like to provide this list of seven benefits to this method of tooth replacement.

  1. Your smile will be brighter –Over time, even a well-made set of traditional dentures constructed from high-quality materials will shift when you smile, showing your gums and making your smile appear, well, fake. FOY Dentures® are constructed according to neuromuscular dimensions, meaning they are made to maintain or even improve your bite. This better fit and structure prevents these movements in your dentures, resulting in a more natural-looking smile.
  2. Greater confidence –Often, denture wearers become frustrated because they must continue to live with limitations on their food options. They also may be hesitant to smile, speak, or laugh for fear that their dentures will slip or shift. FOY Dentures® are more stable, allowing you to speak and eat with confidence.
  3. You’ll look younger –The deterioration of your jawbone is an inevitable long-term consequence of tooth loss because the supporting bone structure has lost the stimulation that had been provided by the tooth root. Over time, this bone loss creates a sunken-in appearance that can make you look much older. FOY Dentures® will not negate this deterioration completely, but these dentures are designed to make a snug fit on the ridge of your mouth, slowing the rate of this bone loss and giving you a more youthful appearance. Patients who have had other dentures and upgrade to FOY® have reported looking years younger after the change.
  4. Your smile will look natural-FOY Dentures® look, feel, and function more like natural teeth than any other type of denture. Traditional dentures do not usually account for the proper distance between your mouth and your nose, which often leads to an uncomfortable bite because the dentures are either too high or too short. FOY Dentures® on the other hand, are constructed by taking various measurements of your mouth and face to ensure the most natural look.
  5. Help minimize premature aging without undergoing surgery-Your facial structure will look just like that of a person who still has all their real teeth. Your face will appear fuller, and your jaws will remain aligned like they should. If you have been living with traditional dentures, upgrading to FOY® has a similar effect as a facelift without undergoing that expensive plastic surgery.
  6. They compliment your facial shape-Even a well-constructed set of traditional dentures is made with some element of guesswork as to how well they will fit in your mouth. Because they are made from neuromuscular dimensions, however, each set of FOY Dentures® is designed for your specific individual needs and precise mouth measurements.
  7. They’ll fit better-Because FOY Dentures® are made so that they can match the structure of your face and jaw, you have more input on the entire process and can work with your Nashville FOY Dentures® provider to make sure your new dentures have the best fit that they can. Even well-made traditional dentures eventually will become loose as the supporting bone structure deteriorates. By minimizing this deterioration through their superior fit, FOY Dentures® actually will last longer while also made of a higher quality.

If you would like to learn more about the FOY® Denture system in Nashville, please contact Devine Dentistry today by calling (615) 269-4209 to schedule your consultation with Belle Meade’s only certified FOY® dentist.