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How FOY Dentures® Are Better than Grandma’s False Teeth

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Total tooth loss doesn’t just affect the elderly. Trauma, decay, and gum disease can all lead to complete tooth loss for younger patients as well. Traditionally, losing all of your teeth meant you were stuck with dentures as a replacement. A set of traditional dentures should last as long as 5 to 10 years. If you get dentures at a younger age, this could mean you’ll need several sets of false teeth throughout your life. Devine Dentistry has an alternative option that will change how you think about dentures, called Fountain Of Youth® Dentures.

FOY® Dentures are the newest advancement in tooth loss replacement and eliminate many of the problems associated with traditional dentures. If you are limited to dentures and not considered a good candidate for dental implants, read on to see why your Nashville restorative dentists think that FOY® Dentures may be your best treatment option.

What are FOY® Dentures?

FOY® Dentures are three-dimensional dentures that maintain the structure of your jawbone and facial muscles. Unlike traditional dentures, they are customized to your unique facial dimensions. FOY® Dentures restore the lost facial volume that many denture wearers experience as a long-term consequence of tooth loss. When you lose a permanent tooth, the supporting bone structure eventually deteriorates, creating a sunken-in facial appearance. If you’ve lost enough teeth to require dentures, this jawbone deterioration accelerates.

Other issues associated with a lack of jawbone stimulation include:

  • Inability to maintain the shape of your jawbone and facial muscles
  • Premature aging
  • Difficulty smiling with confidence
  • Struggling to chew

How do I get FOY® Dentures?

The process of obtaining FOY® Dentures begins by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Brian Devine, your licensed FOY Dentures provider in Belle Meade. To be a licensed FOY® Dentures provider, Dr. Devine completed extensive training and education. The process of receiving and installing these dentures is extremely thorough. Dr. Devine and his team will take more than 100 measurements of your teeth and mouth, ensuring that your new dentures are constructed in accordance with the proper physiological dimensions.

Why choose FOY® Dentures?

Because they are constructed with ultimate precision, your new dentures will maintain the alignment of your bite. Many of our patients who receive FOY® Dentures report that their bite actually improves—while also allowing regular movement of the jaw while you are eating or talking. FOY® Dentures also won’t squeeze or pinch your gums the way traditional dentures do. That’s because they are designed to rest on the ridge of bone in your mouth, making for a comfortable, healthy way to replace your missing teeth while restoring more of your chewing ability than regular dentures.

FOY® Dentures in Nashville

At Devine Dentistry, we believe restoration, repair, and prevention are the keys to keeping you happy and healthy. Don’t let traditional dentures ruin your confidence or hinder your lifestyle. FOY® Dentures can keep you looking and feeling like yourself. If you live in the areas of Nashville, Belle Meade, and Green Hills, TN, then contact us today to schedule your initial consultation by calling (615) 269-4209.