Eating Out After you get your First Set of Dentures

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Getting a new set of dentures could invoke feelings of excitement. However, getting used to a new set of false teeth could take some time as you gradually adapt to wearing them. Keep in mind that speaking and eating with dentures could feel different and possibly cause you to feel nervous when dining out. Although your new dentures could provide the ability to eat most of your favorite foods, you could experience some issues. Therefore, your Belle Meade general dentists at Devine Dentistry are sharing some tips to help you feel more comfortable when eating out after you get your first set of dentures.

Begin With Breakfast or Brunch

Breakfast or brunch are both excellent options as your first eating out experience with your new dentures. When choosing items from the menu, remember to pick things that will be easier to chew. For example, breakfast sausage will be easier to eat than bacon, which is typically crispier. Also, choosing ham or pork chops for meat is a good choice if you cut it into small pieces.

Typically, breakfast bread is easy to chew, such as muffins, waffles, French toast, or pancakes. Also, breakfast potatoes, oatmeal, and grits are good choices as well. You might want to hold off on ordering crispy hash browns, breakfast burritos, and thick, crunchy toast until you become more comfortable with eating while wearing your new dentures.

Then, Try Lunch

A couple of great choices are soup and salad. Although a sandwich is the most common lunch item, it can pose a challenge when you first get your dentures. If you cannot resist a sandwich, choose one that has soft bread and fillings such as chicken, tuna, or egg salad. Be cautious of seedy bread and salad dressings, as the seeds could get stuck under your dentures, causing irritation.

Finally, Dinner

There are several great options available for dinner. However, some options cause concern, such as eating steak. When you first get your dentures, steak can be difficult to bite and chew and is not recommended as a dinner option. A better choice for beef would be a roast or hamburger steak, as these are much easier to eat. Fish, poultry, and pork are good options if they are not attached to a bone such as fried chicken, ribs, or pork chops. Your side options are open to personal preference but be cautious of corn on the cob or a tough-skinned baked potato.

Could I ever eat a steak with my new dentures?

As one of the most common questions asked at our dental office in Nashville, the answer will depend on the type of dentures you have and the tenderness of the steak.

  • Implant-supported Dentures – Implant-supported dentures are connected to dental implants with cement or screws. They are designed to use the chewing force from your jawbone, just like natural teeth. With these dentures, you should be able to eat all types of steak or anything you desire.
  • Implant-retained Dentures – Held in place by dental implants, these dentures rest on your gums. Your biting force will be better with these dentures than traditional ones, but it will not be as good as implant-supported dentures. However, you should be able to eat most cuts of steak if you cut it into small pieces.
  • FOY® DenturesFOY® Dentures or Fountain of Youth Dentures® offer the most comfortable solution as they provide the best fit possible without pinching your gums like traditional dentures. These dentures have ceramic teeth as opposed to plastic teeth, so they will provide a better ability to chew tougher foods like most cuts of meat.
  • Traditional Dentures – Most people find it is very difficult to eat meat while wearing traditional or economy dentures. However, that does not mean steak is completely off the menu. Choose a soft cut that has been marinated and order it medium or medium-rare.

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Dentures are a great option to restore your smile. By following the guidelines, you should be more comfortable in choosing foods that would be easy to eat when dining out after getting your first set of dentures. To find out which type of dentures is right for you, feel free to contact FOY® Dentures provider in the Green Hills, Devine Dentistry, by calling (615) 269-4209 or request an appointment.