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You made the smart decision and replaced your lost teeth by receiving dentures. Now, however, you notice that your dentures don’t fit like they used to. Does this sound familiar? It’s rather common that dentures begun to feel uncomfortable or loose fitting after a while. This occurs due to the changing structure of your jawbone, an inevitable consequence of tooth loss. Rather than deal with this frustration, consider making an upgrade. Let your trusted Nashville dentists replace your ill-fitting dentures with state-of-the-art FOY Dentures®.

Bone resorption is a long-term consequence of tooth loss

When you lose a permanent tooth, your jawbone no longer receives the constant stimulation that had been provided by the tooth root. Eventually, this absence of stimulation leads to bone resorption, which occurs when your body re-absorbs bone that it now considers to be superfluous, and uses those nutrients elsewhere in the body. This creates a vicious cycle causing your dentures to fit poorly because they rely on that supporting bone for stability, and wearing ill-fitting dentures can accelerate existing bone loss. One potential, though rare, side effect of bone resorption is a flabby ridge. This occurs when your body creates new soft tissue in the place of the bone that is re-absorbed.

Trauma, wear, and warping can do irreparable damage to dentures

Your dentures are going to experience wear and tear over time—it’s inevitable. However, trauma also can damage your dentures, such as dropping them on the floor or even if your family dog gets ahold of them and uses them as a chew toy. Anytime your dentures became damaged or excessively worn, you need to see your Nashville dentist to have them replaced. Keeping your dentures clean is important to preventing gum disease. If you don’t store them in a soaking solution at night, they can dry out and warp, literally changing their shape.

FOY dentures represent a better solution

FOY (Fountain of Youth) Dentures® represent the pinnacle of current denture technology. These dentures look and feel more like natural teeth than any other type of denture currently available. These dentures are designed specifically to sit on the bony ridge of your mouth, exactly in the place of the teeth you have lost. Eating, talking, and smiling are much easier for patients with FOY Dentures®. This is these dentures are specially crafted according to neuromuscular dimensions; that means the dentures are made in order to give you the ideal bite alignment, which also results in fuller facial features and even a more youthful-looking appearance… in other words, the fountain of youth!

FOY Dentures® in Belle Meade

Dentists must receive special certification to be able to offer their patients FOY Dentures®, and Devine Dentistry is proud to be the only certified FOY Denture® dental practice in Belle Meade. Whether you are looking to replace lost teeth or upgrade your existing dentures, call our Nashville office at (615) 269-4209 to schedule a consultation and learn more about FOY Dentures®.

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