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It’s estimated that 77 percent of Americans have some form of dental insurance, according to data compiled by the National Association of Dental Plans. Having dental coverage provides peace of mind, but the scope of any dental insurance plan is limited. Certain treatments typically are not covered… and dental implants are often among them. Your implant dentists in Belle Meade at Devine Dentistry are here to explain why dental insurance is unlikely to pay for implants—and why they’re still worth considering to replace your lost teeth.

Most dental insurance plans have some sort of restrictions

Each insurance plan is different. Based on the coverage you have and the provider, your plan may be limited by restrictions such as waiting periods, maximum benefit caps, and limits on how many visits you can make to your Nashville dentist during a 12-month period. Nearly every dental plan also has a yearly maximum—an amount defined as the total amount of expenses your plan will pay for in a given year.

As mentioned above, dental insurance won’t cover everything. Cosmetic dental work usually is not covered by dental insurance if seeking treatment solely for cosmetic reasons alone with no restorative benefit. And, while dental science continues to evolve making care more convenient and comfortable than ever, many of these recent innovations are not covered by insurance because they are deemed “experimental.”

So why won’t insurance cover dental implants?

Implants aren’t experimental; the first dental implant was placed more than 50 years ago, and implants have become a tried-and-true method to replace missing teeth. Implants also don’t qualify as a cosmetic treatment, even though no other tooth replacement looks and feels more like natural teeth.  

The main reason that insurance companies will not cover dental implants is the cost. Remember, an insurance company is just like any other business; its primary goal is to make money. Any insurance policy is designed to turn a profit while providing what the company deems to be a sufficient level of care. Many dental insurance companies will refrain from covering the placement of a dental implant because of the cost of the dental implant. The insurance companies usually feel that a dental bridge or partial denture would suffice to replace a missing tooth.

Don’t let cost dictate your level of care

Implants might be expensive, but they remain the finest tooth replacement available. If you care for your implant, it can last the rest of your natural life; any other restorative treatment option eventually will need to be repaired or replaced. Implants also improve your ability to chew. They are fixed in the mouth, which means they will not slip or shift like dentures. The implant screw itself also stimulates the jawbone in the same way that the root of the lost tooth once did, preventing bone deterioration and improving your long-term oral health. If you are concerned about cost or whether your dental insurance plan covers any portion of a dental implant, please speak with a representative from our office.

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