The Value of Implant Dentures

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Dentures have been used as a means of tooth replacement for decades. Perhaps you’ve been living with significant tooth loss, and you are considering dentures to restore your smile. You should know that, when it comes to dentures, you have options: traditional dentures and implant dentures. While implant dentures cost more, at Devine Dentistry we want to explain why we think you get more value in return for that financial investment.

What’s the difference between regular dentures and implant dentures?

If you already have lost teeth, you probably know about dental implants—which consist of an implant screw that is inserted surgically into your jawbone, then topped with a crown. For people who have lost several teeth, receiving an implant to replace each individual tooth isn’t an efficient or cost-effective solution. Implant dentures, however, consist of a set of replacement teeth but they are supported by implants that are placed strategically at certain locations in the mouth to provide maximum support. Where regular dentures sit on the ridge of your jawbone, implant dentures snap into place, as they are attached to abutments on these implants.

Why are implant dentures a better solution?

  • They help you avoid embarrassment: Imagine talking, or eating—things that you do all the time. Suddenly, your false teeth slip or fall out of your mouth. This is something that people with traditional dentures deal with on a daily basis. Implant dentures don’t do this, because they have those implants to provide stable, consistent support. In fact, most people won’t even notice that your teeth aren’t real if you have implant dentures.
  • They boost your confidence: If you aren’t always worrying whether your dentures will slip or shift in your mouth, this does a world of good for your confidence. Also, your teeth look perfect—making you more likely to smile and show them off. Scientific research has shown that people who smile more often are happier and have a higher quality of life than those that don’t.
  • You have more food choice: Traditional dentures help a person with tooth loss regain chewing ability, but there’s a catch. Crunchy foods like apples can be hard to eat. Other foods that might require serious chewing power like steak or corn on the cob pose similar problems for denture wearers. Your teeth may even get stuck! However, having implant dentures that are anchored in your mouth means you can eat virtually anything you want because the additional stability allows them to function almost exactly like real teeth.
  • No need for adhesives: People with traditional dentures often use adhesives to make their replacement teeth fit better. These adhesives only work for a short time, and they’re known for tasting terrible. You can throw out these messy, unpleasant dental adhesives if you opt for a set of implant-supported dentures instead.
  • Bone loss is minimized: Bone deterioration is an inevitable consequence of tooth loss. The areas of your jawbone where a lost tooth once resided gradually resorbs back into the body, because those bone locations no longer are receiving the constant stimulation that previously came from the tooth roots. Implant dentures don’t prevent bone loss completely, but they keep this resorption in check because the anchoring implants fuse with the jawbone, replacing the stimulation that previously was provided by the tooth roots in those locations. So, you are less likely to lose jawbone in the areas of the implants.

Implant dentures in Nashville

Whether you are looking to replace lost teeth or upgrade from your traditional dentures to a better option, implant dentures may be right for you. Find out more by scheduling a consultation at Devine Dentistry by calling (615) 269-4209 if you live in the areas of Belle Meade, Green Hills, and Nashville, TN.