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Patient’s Recovery Guide to All-on-Four Implant Surgery

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The All-on-Four dental implants can restore a smile that has suffered from complete tooth loss. It can also be ideal for denture-wearing patients looking to upgrade their smile to a more permanent and natural look. While dental implants represent one of the best ways to restore lost teeth, they can have a lengthy recovery. Every patient’s recovery after dental implant surgery will look different. But today on the blog, we share the ultimate patient’s recovery guide to All-on-Four implant surgery so that you can heal as quickly as possible with minimal side effects.

Practice good oral hygiene

Following your implant surgery, your gums will be tender and sore at the incision site. But you still need to practice oral hygiene daily. The dentist will provide you with proper post-op instructions, but you’ll need to rinse your mouth out and brush using a soft-bristled toothbrush, taking care not to scrub the incisions. Also, avoid using mouth rinses containing alcohol as this could cause an uncomfortable burning sensation.

Plan on resting for the first few days

You just had dental surgery. Even though you may look fine on the outside to everyone else, you still had surgery, and your body needs time to heal. Plan on taking it easy for the first few days. Avoid doing any strenuous activities, lifting, or bending at the waist. The dentist will advise on when you can resume exercising. If your job requires manual labor, you may need to plan on taking a few days off from work.

Manage side effects

You’ll likely experience some swelling the first few days after surgery. This is normal but can be uncomfortable. Manage any swelling by lying propped up and applying an ice pack to your face for 15 minutes at a time. The swelling should subside considerably after 72 hours. After that, warm compresses can help with tenderness.

Adjust your diet

It can take several months for your jawbone to fully fuse to the implants, creating a stable and permanent base for your replacement teeth. Therefore, plan on eating a diet of liquid foods for the first few weeks. Smoothies and soup can help ensure you receive adequate nutrition without causing discomfort when chewing. After a few weeks, slowly introduce easy-to-chew foods into your diet.

Your mouth will be fully healed before you know it. While it may seem like a long road ahead at first, a few weeks to a couple of months will be over before you know it. Then, you’ll have a gorgeous set of replacement teeth that are permanent, restore your chewing ability, and help you feel more confident when you smile. It’s essential that you take exceptional care of your implants to help them last longer and prevent gum infections that could compromise them. You’ll need to floss them daily or use a water flosser to remove food and bacteria bits that hide around the implant posts and along the gum line. Plan on visiting your Nashville implant dentist twice a year for cleanings and checkups to ensure your oral health remains in tip-top shape.

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If you’re looking for a way to restore your smile or are about to undergo All-on-Four implant surgery, stick to our recovery guide to help you know what to expect following your treatment. To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact Devine Dentistry by calling (615) 269-4209.