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Millions of Americans have lost at least one of their permanent teeth. Are you one of them? If you have been living with missing teeth, you probably have researched what treatments can be used to replace those teeth and restore your smile. Two of the most popular options for replacing lost teeth are dentures and dental implants. Your Nashville implant dentists at Devine Dentistry want to help you understand which is right for you.

The health of your gums and jawbone can be the key factor in determining whether implants or dentures are the best options for you

The stronger your gums and jaws, the better your candidacy for dental implants. You need a healthy jawbone to provide support for dental implants, which are inserted surgically into the jawbone. This makes implants completely fixed in the mouth; as a result, no other tooth replacement feels more like natural teeth. Implants also are virtually permanent, whereas dentures or any other type of tooth replacement will have to be repaired or replaced. Implants cost more than dentures but possess a higher long-term value because of their permanency.

Replacing missing teeth is important to your oral health, and overall health

When you have lost teeth, it becomes more difficult to chew and speak. This can impact your nutrition, as you may not be able to eat the healthy foods your body needs. And, because you have a gap in your smile, you are less likely to show it—affecting your self-confidence. Another long-term consequence of living with lost teeth is eventual bone loss, as the supporting bone structure will deteriorate without the constant stimulation that was provided by the root of the now-missing tooth. When your bone structure deteriorates, this creates the “sunken-in” facial appearance that happens often with people who have lost a significant amount of permanent teeth. Other potential consequences of tooth loss include gum disease, crowding, bite misalignment, or the development of a problem with your jaw joints such as temporomandibular joint disorder.

Let’s take a point-by-point look at dental implants and dentures.

Why do patients choose implants over dentures?

Implants prevent the deterioration of the supporting bone structure thanks to the implant screw itself. Once placed, this implant provides the stimulation that previously was provided by the tooth root. No other tooth replacement looks, feels, and functions more like real teeth than dental implants. Implants are easy to maintain; because they are fixed in the mouth, just brush and floss them the way you would your natural teeth. And, because implants are fixed, they fit securely and will not slip and shift, as dentures are known to do.

The biggest advantage to dentures over implants is the up-front cost, which is significantly less. However, denture wearers also have to account for the follow-up costs—such as the regular purchase of adhesives to hold dentures in place and cleaning solutions to maintain them, in addition to visits to your Nashville dentist to have dentures repaired and replaced eventually. Denture patients often have to avoid certain foods that may damage the replacement teeth, and also still encounter the sunken-in facial appearance because dentures do nothing to counter the deterioration of supporting bone structure.

Replacing lost teeth in Nashville

Whether you decide that dentures or dental implants are the best way to replace your missing teeth, the most important thing is to choose to replace them. Regain your chewing ability and restore your smile with the help of your dentists in Belle Meade: Dr. Brian Devine and Dr. Russell Mack at Devine Dentistry. Contact our office at (615) 269-4209 to schedule a consultation to see which tooth replacement is right for you.

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