dental crowns are the best

Why Dental Crowns are the Best they’ve ever Been

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At Devine Dentistry, we strive to prevent tooth loss in most treatment situations. For decades, dentists have been able to save teeth through the use of dental crowns. Traditionally made of metal, crowns protect even badly compromised teeth by replacing the entire exterior. Modern crowns have come a long way as dental technology has advanced. That’s why your Nashville restorative dentists at Devine Dentistry want to explain why modern crowns are better than their older counterparts.

They look more natural

Think about all the ways technology has changed your life in the past 10 or 20 years. Technological advances have affected the dental industry in a positive way as well. Today, dental crowns can be designed from precise and highly-detailed digital images that are more accurate than any mold taken by hand. This means the resulting crown will match your existing teeth and dental ridges precisely. Moreover, today’s dentists prefer to use crowns crafted with dental porcelain, a beautiful, durable material that can be matched to the unique color and shade of your healthy teeth. This porcelain also has a similar translucency to natural tooth enamel.

Modern crowns are easier to maintain

Not only do modern crowns closely resemble natural teeth in look and feel, but they’re also easy to care for once installed. Just brush and floss them like you would natural teeth while maintaining a schedule of dental visits every six months for a cleaning and an examination. Being diligent about your oral health ensures the long-term success of your new crown.

They’re much more reliable

Because of their precise design and being made with more biocompatible materials like dental porcelain, modern dental crowns can make a comprehensive difference in both the function and form of the treated tooth. A modern crown looks and feels like a real tooth and is made with durable, lifelike materials to help your tooth continue to function as it should for years to come.

The process can be completed in a single day

Remember what we said about technological advances? Well, in the past, making a crown entailed taking impressions, applying a temporary restoration, and sending those impressions to a dental laboratory. There, the permanent crown would be fabricated and shipped back to your dentist, who would place it about two weeks after your initial appointment. That’s all changed, thanks to CAD/CAM technology. Using the same digital images as a guide, design plans for the new crown are generated immediately, and the milling process can be completed chairside. In as little as an hour, your new, permanent crown can be ready to be installed!

Same-Day Crowns in Nashville

At Devine Dentistry, we can use crowns to repair damaged teeth or as the final step in a root canal or dental implant procedure. And, thanks to our advanced technology, we offer Same Day Crowns—meaning we can fabricate and install your permanent crowns in a single office visit.

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