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4 Times your Nashville Dentist may Recommend a Crown

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Dental crowns are a common way to repair damaged teeth, restoring their structure and function. Often, a dentist may recommend a dental crown to prevent additional damage to the tooth or from being extracted. At Devine Dentistry, we make receiving a crown simple with a single visit to our Nashville general dentist’s office. Known as same-day crowns, we use digital technology to custom fabricate porcelain dental crowns while you wait. This technology saves patients time spent in the dental chair from repeat visits to complete treatment. But how can you tell if a dental crown is in your future? Today on the blog, Nashville cosmetic dentists at Devine Dentistry share four times patients may need a dental crown.

You’ve had a root canal

Dentists often recommend crowns following root canal treatments, which removes the tooth’s blood supply, nerves, and infection (if present), saving the tooth from extraction. However, removing these vital components from the tooth increases its susceptibility to breaking. Therefore, a dental crown is necessary following a root canal. In some instances, the dentist may prepare the patient’s tooth and complete the crown in the same visit as the root canal.

Your tooth has extensive decay

Tooth decay is inevitable for most of the population. While daily brushing and flossing, as well as seeing your Nashville family dentists at least twice a year, help reduce your risk of cavities, you may still get them. It’s best to treat cavities as soon as they develop. However, in cases where cavities have progressed extensively, destroying half or more of the tooth structure, a dental crown may be the best option to save the tooth.

Your tooth is flawed

Slightly twisted, crooked, uneven, or chipped teeth can often be repaired or concealed with a dental crown that fits over the entire exterior of the tooth. At Devine Dentistry, our goal is to salvage as much of your tooth’s natural structure as possible. Therefore, certain cosmetic dental flaws may be corrected with dental bonding, a resin material that bonds directly to the tooth’s surface or veneers. However, a same-day dental crown in Green Hills may be the best option for achieving your smile goals.

Your tooth is damaged by trauma

An accidental fall, sports injury, or other trauma to the face may lead to a broken or chipped tooth. Sometimes, these occurrences may result in pain or discomfort, while other times, it may leave you feeling embarrassed if the damaged tooth can be seen when you smile or speak. However, a same-day crown in Nashville is an excellent option to repair a badly damaged tooth. Not only is dental porcelain incredibly natural-looking, but it’s made to blend with your other teeth so that no one can tell that you had any work done.

Cosmetic Dentists in Nashville, Green Hills, and Belle Meade

If you have a damaged or imperfect tooth, consider asking our cosmetic dentists near you in Nashville about your options to repair the tooth. Getting a same-day porcelain crown is a convenient and quick way to restore your smile. Find out more or schedule a consultation by calling Devine Dentistry at (615) 269-4209 to see if a dental crown is the right choice for your smile needs.