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Dental Bridges

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Are you missing a tooth? Tired of hiding your smile or experiencing difficulties when chewing due to your lost tooth or teeth? These are common complaints among adults who are missing one or more teeth. Whether you want to replace a tooth you had extracted years ago or are about to have a tooth extracted, a dental bridge may be an option for you.

Why replace a missing tooth?

Replacing your missing teeth is important, not only for your mouth but your overall health as well. If you have a missing tooth, especially in an area that is not visible when you smile, you may be wondering why it is such a big deal. Believe it or not, but even one back tooth that is missing can lead to significant oral health concerns later on.

Missing teeth can lead to decreased chewing ability, which in turn could result in a poor diet. A missing tooth can also lead to an uneven bite that causes stress on the other teeth resulting in a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth, gaps between teeth or crooked teeth. Even worse, a missing tooth can be the cause of temporomandibular joint disorder, a jaw joint dysfunction caused by an uneven bite or strained jaw muscles.

Aesthetics is an obvious concern if the area of the missing tooth is visible when you talk or smile. In some cases, patients may hide their smile or avoid social gatherings due to the embarrassment of their missing tooth. If this sounds like you, Nashville cosmetic dentist Dr. Brian Devine offers a simple solution that can give you back your smile.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth by essentially bridging the gap from a missing tooth to the adjacent teeth on either side of the space. The bridge attaches to each tooth on either side of the space, joined by the “pontic” or artificial tooth in the middle. This single unit bridge, although joined together as one piece, will look like individual teeth. It will have an outer coating of high-quality dental porcelain that matches your existing teeth, and even has the same light reflecting qualities as natural dental enamel.

A dental bridge can also attach to dental implants. A dental bridge is custom-made and is permanent, so you never have to worry about removing it for cleaning or brushing your teeth. You will not have to worry about a loose fitting denture prosthesis such as a partial, either.

The procedure

To begin, we will either need to take impressions or digital scans of your mouth and bite, which are used to handcraft your custom bridge. While your mouth is numb, Nashville dentist Dr. Devine will shape your teeth appropriately to make room for the new bridge. Once your new bridge is ready, Dr. Devine will permanently seat your bridge in place, making any adjustments as necessary. Once complete, your smile will look, feel, and function naturally.

Benefits of a bridge include:

  • Restored chewing abilities
  • Properly aligned bite
  • Aesthetically pleasing and natural looking
  • Cost effective tooth replacement option
  • Convenient, does not have to be removed to be cleaned
  • Permanent fit – does not require adjustments

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