Gift Yourself a New Smile for the Holidays

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Halloween festivities are behind us as we eagerly wait for the end of year holiday season. Soon, get-togethers with family and friends will commence as well as holiday parties. Maybe you are not looking forward to said gatherings because you worry about what others will think of your smile.

Do you tend to hide your smile, feel embarrassed or avoid social gatherings because of how your smile makes you feel? Why not gift yourself a new smile for the holidays? So this year it will be your smile that sparkles.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Brian Devine has nearly three decades of experience transforming smiles in patients living in Nashville. Offering an array of options in cosmetic dentistry, there is no smile that is out of reach for Dr. Devine and his caring dental team.

Cosmetic dentistry, which option is right for me?

Not sure what treatments will be best for you? No need to worry! At Devine Dentistry, we take an individualized approach when devising a smile design plan for our patients. We invite you to our practice for a one-on-one consultation with Nashville dentist Dr. Devine. This way, he can assess your oral health as well as listen to your concerns regarding your smile. During your consultation is the perfect time to be candid and honest about what you wish to change or improve about your smile.

In the meantime, here are some common treatments used in cosmetic dentistry that may be helpful in deciding which options are best for you.

Sometimes all you need is a little refresher. Our in-office professional teeth whitening option is ideal for individuals who wish to brighten their smile but that are overall happy with the alignment and shape of their teeth. We can also provide you with a custom-made whitening tray and professional grade gel to use at home for touch ups, although the results of your in-office treatment should last a while so long as you practice good oral hygiene, and moderately consume foods and beverages that stain your teeth.

Need a little something more? Porcelain veneers are an exceptional way to permanently alter the shape, alignment, and color of your teeth. Veneers are often chosen in cosmetic dentistry because of their versatility. These ultra-thin layers of porcelain hide imperfections such as teeth that are crooked, misshapen, discolored, too short, chipped or cracked. Although this procedure takes a little more time and could involve separate appointments, there is still time to transform your smile with veneers before the holidays!

Sometimes all a patient needs is updated dental work. Dental crowns, just like any other dental work, simply cannot last forever. If you have crowns that are decades old, it is probably time for an update. If this is the case for you, we can redo your crown in one day! With same day crowns, there is no more waiting weeks for a dental laboratory to fabricate your new crown. Instead, we custom design your crown and make it while you wait.

Aesthetics isn’t everything

Most people, when asked how they feel about their smile, immediately point out their aesthetic concerns. But, we want every patient to understand that, although the way your smile looks and how it makes you feel is certainly important, the health of your smile should also be a priority. Everyone, including children, should brush their teeth twice a day and floss daily. Least we do not forget about routine dental exams and checkups twice a year! When it comes to a smile, health and beauty go hand and hand.

Holiday Smile Makeover in Nashville

It is time to gift yourself a smile for the holidays! To learn more about the cosmetic dental services we offer at Devine Dentistry, call us today at (615) 269-4209 to schedule a consultation.

Devine Dentistry is proud to provide total oral care for patients in the middle Tennessee communities of Belle Meade, Green Hills, and Nashville.