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What to do if your SureSmile Aligners Break while on Summer Vacation

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Summer vacation is a time intended for relaxation and fun. However, when your SureSmile aligner breaks, it can cause panic and stress. Breaking your SureSmile aligner is a dental emergency as your teeth may change position if you fail to replace the aligner within a few days. Locating a dentist specializing in orthodontics may not be an option while on vacation. Therefore, our SureSmile providers in Nashville at Devine Dentistry share on the blog today what to do if your aligner breaks while on summer vacation so that you feel prepared when the unexpected occurs.

Can SureSmile aligners break?

SureSmile aligners work similarly to braces as they realign crowded, crooked, or gapped teeth by applying gentle pressure. However, just as braces sometimes have loose brackets or wires, your aligners are not indestructible and could suffer damage through daily wear and tear or if not cared for and stored properly. Our SureSmile dentists in Belle Meade explain that your aligners are durable plastic, but they could crack or break, especially when mishandled.

How bad is the aligner damage?

Depending on the extent of aligner damage, you could continue to wear the same one until you’re ready to switch to the next set. Likewise, when your alignment tray has a small tear or crack, you can continue to wear it until you get it replaced or it’s time for the next set. However, Green Hills cosmetic dentists agree that SureSmile trays that cannot hold their shape or split apart should no longer get used. Therefore, with severe aligner damage, you should immediately contact your dentist to find out if you need to wait until you arrive home or should switch to your next set of aligners.

Can repairs to the aligners be completed at home?

Using an adhesive may sound like a perfect idea to temporarily repair your aligner. However, glue products contain chemicals that could be harmful if used in your mouth or swallowed. In addition, melting the aligner together will cause deformation and could cause incorrect adjustments and movement. Therefore, contact your Nashville SureSmile dentist for further instructions when your aligner breaks.

How does the treatment timing affect the case handling?

SureSmile trays require wearing each set for about two weeks or 14 days for optimum effect. If you recently began to wear the broken tray, it’s possible to return to the previous set until you get replacement trays from your SureSmile provider in Belle Meade. However, if you are more than eight days into a tray set, you may begin wearing the next stage of aligners with permission from your dentist. When your aligner breaks, contact your dentist to determine which method is best depending on your care.

What happens if the next set of trays gets used too soon?

Adhering to your treatment guidelines is best to prevent complications. SureSmile aligners should be snug yet comfortable as you transition from one tray set to another. Forcing the aligner trays on your teeth may cause irreversible damage if it’s too early for the next set. Stick to the treatment plan outlined by your Green Hills cosmetic dentist, and if you have questions, contact us immediately.

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Replacing your aligners while on summer vacation can be a hassle. Although you can replenish your aligners, your treatment cost could increase, or your progress gets delayed. Therefore, remember to remove your aligners before eating or drinking and place them in the storage case to keep them safe. Additionally, exercise caution when inserting and removing your SureSmile aligners so that you don’t damage them. It would be helpful to bring your previous or next set of aligners with you on vacation as a backup. If you have questions about your SureSmile treatment or would like to find out more information about straightening your teeth with clear aligners, please feel free to contact a Nashville SureSmile provider at Devine Dentistry by calling (615) 269-4209 or request an appointment online.