are my teeth too crooked for invisalign

Are my Teeth too Crooked for Clear Aligner Orthodontics?

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Deciding to straighten your teeth with clear aligner orthodontics can raise questions about your oral health and the best treatment to achieve your smile aesthetic goals. Compared to traditional braces, clear aligner orthodontics are more comfortable and discreet. For most patients, results are noticeable within 12-18 months of treatment. However, treatment time can vary by the patient since each smile possesses its own exclusive needs. Therefore, on the blog today, our SureSmile dentists in Nashville at Devine Dentistry address patients who may wonder if their teeth are too crooked for clear aligner orthodontics.

Who benefits most from clear aligner orthodontic treatment?

Clear aligner orthodontic treatment effectively straightens teeth for a perfect smile in adults and teens. Clear aligner orthodontics can realign your teeth, correct jaw alignment issues, and provide a straight smile without interrupting your daily life by using clear aligner trays, innovative technology, and advanced procedures. Each patient we treat at our Green Hills dental office requires different treatments to generate their dream smile. Therefore, it’s best to schedule a consultation to determine treatment eligibility and an approximate time length.

However, some common issues addressed with clear aligner orthodontics are as follows:

  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open Bite
  • Underbite
  • Twisted Teeth
  • Gapped Teeth
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Overlapping Teeth
  • Minor to Moderate Tooth Misalignment

How can I remain on schedule during treatment?

Patients who commit to the treatment process can stay on target with projected expectations. For example, clear aligner orthodontics works best in patients who wear the trays a minimum of 22 hours a day, every day, only removing them to eat and drink beverages other than water or for your oral health care regimen. In addition, our SureSmile providers in Belle Meade recommend removing your aligners to brush your teeth twice a day and floss once daily to reduce bacteria that could result in cavities or lead to gum disease and disrupt your treatment.

For quality results, stick to your treatment plan and wear your aligners as prescribed. Your aligners apply specific pressure to your teeth, slowly moving them into alignment. Switching your aligners too soon could cause tooth, gum, and nerve damage due to the drastic changes. However, switching your aligners too late could delay your results and extend your anticipated treatment time.

How can I choose the right dentist for my clear aligner orthodontic treatment?

Opting for orthodontic treatment with SureSmile requires a licensed provider to monitor your progress and make needed adjustments for the best results. Our Green Hills SureSmile providers received specialized training to provide the best results using the clear aligner orthodontic treatment.

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Straightening your crooked smile is possible with clear aligner orthodontics. With regular dental visits during the treatment process, you can ensure proper movement and continual progress from our Nashville SureSmile providers. If you are unsure if your smile is too crooked, feel free to schedule a consultation with our trained dental experts to determine your eligibility and oral health needs. Call Devine Dentistry at (615) 269-4209 or contact us online to schedule your appointment for your smile makeover today!