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We understand that for some patients, it may be difficult to afford dental care, especially if you do not have dental insurance. Even so, patients with dental insurance may still be left with an out-of-pocket expense to cover the cost of their dental care. Our Nashville dentists now offer affordable in-house membership plans. Today on the blog, Devine Dentistry shares details about these plans, how they work, and how they could save you money.

Devine Dentistry offers three membership plans: adult, child, and one for those needing periodontal care. Here are the details of each plan.

Adult Membership Plan

The adult membership plan is an annual plan designed to help you afford preventive dental care while maintaining oral health all year long. This plan offers a low, one-time membership fee of $50, and each month is $45 thereafter. Included in the plan are two periodic exams, a comprehensive exam, two emergency exams, two dental cleanings, an oral cancer screening, fluoride treatment, bitewing x-rays, and a cone beam CT scan.

Additional benefits include:

  • Any individual x-rays needed throughout the year
  • Full-mouth x-rays or a panoramic x-ray
  • 20% off additional cleanings, sealants, fillings, core buildups, or oral surgery
  • 15% off crowns, veneers, periodontics, root canals, or implants
  • 10% off any other dental service at our office

Additional plan options and discounts can be found online. The retail value of the adult membership plan is $1,044, with a savings of $504 a year! This savings is compared to paying out-of-pocket entirely for each of these services.

Child Membership Plan

Our child membership plan aims to ensure that children receive the necessary oral care that they need and get off to a healthy start on their journey to excellent oral health. This plan offers the same exceptional benefits of the adult membership plan, but at a reduced rate of $35 a month, with a one-time $50 enrollment fee. For only $420 a year, you can rest assured that your child will receive quality care from one of Nashville’s best pediatric dentists.

Periodontal Membership Plan

Periodontal or gum disease affects half of the adults in the U.S. While it is entirely preventable, it is not curable once it progresses into periodontitis. The good news is that our Green Hills’ dentists can help you manage this common oral disease through a diligent regimen of care. For only $65 a month, and a one-time enrollment fee of $50, this membership plan includes the following perks: two periodic exams, a comprehensive exam, two emergency exams, three periodontal treatments, an oral cancer screening, fluoride treatment, x-rays, and more. With this plan, you can still benefit from the additional savings on restorative care and cosmetic dentistry, as outlined in our adult membership plan. For full details and what to expect with the periodontal membership plan, please visit our website.

Other Ways to Afford Dental Care

Our in-house membership plans may be the right choice for you. However, we have other recommendations on ways to get affordable dental care in Nashville. Call ahead and find out how much it costs for a dental exam and cleaning. Begin setting aside money each month so that paying for it is easy when it is time for your six-month appointment. You also could consider enrolling in an HSA account through your employer, which allows you to put pre-taxed money into a health savings account that can be used for medical or dental care by you or your dependents. CareCredit is another option that allows you to pay for your dental care upfront, and then make small monthly payments, usually interest-free if you pay your balance before the promotional period ends.

Affordable Dentists In Nashville, Belle Meade, and Green Hills

If you are searching for affordable dental care in Nashville, or want to know if you can go to the dentist without insurance, call Devine Dentistry and ask about our in-house membership plans. You can reach our Green Hills dental office by calling (615) 269-4209. We welcome patients of Nashville, Belle Meade, and Green Hills.