How Devine Dentistry is Protecting Patients During COVID-19

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Patient health and safety has always been our top priority. Our staff is educated and trained in state-approved sterilization and disinfecting protocols used in dental practices. For years, we have been utilizing these methods between patient visits. To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens, our office is taking the following precautions.

  • Taking team member and patient temperatures upon entering the office.
  • HEPA filters have been installed in all of our treatment rooms and waiting room.
  • The waiting room is limited to four people at a time.
  • We have always thoroughly disinfected our treatment rooms between patients.
  • We continue to follow and use CDC protocols and recommended disinfectants for cleaning.
  • All rooms are fogged at the end of the day with a disinfectant.
  • All patients are required to fill out an in-office questionnaire about symptoms and exposure to COVID-19.
  • Everyone wears a mask.
  • We clean the waiting room and restroom every hour.
  • Pens are used only once and then are wiped down using CDC-approved disinfectant wipes after each use.

Along with the above-mentioned protocols, we also have installed the Jade Air Purifier. This high-tech air purifier comes equipped with a six-stage filtration system, including proprietary HEPA-Rx ultrafine filtration, that captures and filters 99,998% of particles as small as 0.1 microns (the size of a typical virus).

The Six Stage Filtration Process Includes:

  1. Ultra-fine particulate filter
  2. Activated carbon filter
  3. Germicidal UV-C+ Chamber
  4. Super Oxidizing photocatalytic Nano-TiO2
  5. Hydroxyl Radical Reactivity chamber
  6. Revitalizing Negative Ion chamber

How it Works

Indoor air is drawn through the bottom of the unit, passing the air through the HEPA-Rx filter, active carbon filter, and then the Germicidal UV-C+ Photocatalytic Nano TiO2 chamber. The purified air is then released through the top of the unit. The Revitalizing Negative Ion Generators release revitalizing negative ions, refreshing and cleansing the air. This purifier has a large capacity airflow, ideal for producing clean, healthy air throughout our entire practice. Its sound dampening design has been proven to help calm patients experiencing dental anxiety.

While you may limit your outings right now, oral care is essential, even during a pandemic. If you would like to learn more about how our practice is working hard to keep you and our staff safe and healthy, please contact our office. It would be our pleasure to answer any of your questions or address your concerns.