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The Prenatal Care you might be Missing

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There’s so much to do during pregnancy: obstetrician appointments, more visits with your regular doctor, and all the planning and preparation at home as you await the arrival of a new family member. Devine Dentistry wants to make sure that dental visits are part of your prenatal care. Due to hormonal fluctuations, expectant mothers face a higher risk of both tooth decay and gum disease. In this article, we will explore how pregnancy impacts your oral health, and how you can keep yourself (and baby) protected.

Dental Risk For Expectant Moms

As hormone levels change during pregnancy, this impacts inflammation throughout the body, and inflammation plays a key role in gum disease. This ailment threatens your oral health, but it also can impact the health of your baby. Medical research has linked gum disease to low birth weight and a greater likelihood of premature birth. Pregnant women also may experience problems with their tooth enamel due to the frequent vomiting that occurs due to morning sickness.

Our Nashville family dentists recommend scheduling a dental visit as soon as possible once you discover that you’re pregnant. At this check-up, we look for signs of gum disease. Shifting your schedule of cleanings in this way also helps you avoid a check-up during the third trimester when it can be uncomfortable to sit in the dental chair.

Dental Work During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women wonder if it’s safe to have dental procedures done while expecting. The answer is yes. Devine Dentistry can still perform an assortment of treatments, including filling, crowns, and root canals. We also still can administer local anesthetic safely, without risk of harming your baby. In fact, it is recommended that you address any dental problems as soon as they arise to prevent additional health risks to you or your unborn baby.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

A toothache can ruin your day no matter when it happens. For pregnant women, a toothache has additional risk. If a decayed tooth develops an infection that leads to an abscess, the infection can enter the bloodstream. Devine Dentistry should be able to perform both root canals and extractions safely without harming your baby. We also can coordinate with your obstetrician before beginning any dental procedure.

Prevention Is Your Best Defense  

Remember that, in addition to seeing your dentist regularly, daily brushing and flossing are irreplaceable parts of a good routine of oral care. You already know that proper nutrition is important during pregnancy; eat a diet full of calcium-rich foods such as cheese, milk, yogurt, and even kale to help keep your teeth strong. This also encourages the development of strong teeth and bones in your child.

Family Dentistry in Nashville

A recent survey by the American Dental Association found that more women were visiting their dentist while pregnant. If you’re expecting, make sure you’re part of that trend. Your oral health, and the health of your baby, may depend on it. To learn more about our services at Devine Dentistry, call (615) 269-4209 to schedule a consultation.

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