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Millions of Americans wear dentures, yet more than half of denture wearers avoid enjoying certain foods and feel limited when it comes to social situations, work, and romance. Dentures often are floppy and uncomfortable. It’s hard to get a pair crafted to fit perfectly. If you’re tired of your uncomfortable dentures and want to live life with confidence and without compromise, Devine Dentistry has the perfect solution – the Denture Fountain of Youth® (FOY®) in Nashville.

As a certified dentist in Nashville that offers FOY® Dentures, Dr. Brian Devine understands the needs of denture wearers, and how wearing a set of comfortable dentures can be a total game changer.

What are FOY® Dentures?

FOY® Dentures may look like dentures you are accustom to, but we assure you they are quite different. For starters, they are ideal for denture wearers who want a highly functional pair of dentures, and want to avoid that “denture look.” They provide a more lifted look to the face because they are crafted according to the neuromuscular dimensions of the mouth and face. This means that the false teeth are chosen in a precise shape and length to match the patient’s face and bite – not too short, not too long.

The problem with traditional dentures

Traditional dentures rest on the gum line, which means that the jawbone no longer receives stimulation. As a result, when teeth are missing, the jawbone diminishes, making traditional dentures even more uncomfortable, floppy, and hard to fit. Jawbone begins to diminish in as little as 18 months following the removal of a single tooth. FOY® Dentures are different because they are constructed to rest on the muscles of the jawbone, which slows down or prevents jawbone resorption.

Are FOY® Dentures better than dental implants?

Dental implants certainly provide stability with custom-made dentures, but they aren’t necessarily superior to FOY® Dentures. Each patient has their own individual oral health needs, and for some patients, dental implants may be the best option. Others may enjoy the many benefits of FOY® Dentures.

Benefits of FOY® Dentures

Our patients that get the best fitting dentures in Nashville from Devine Dentistry experience amazing benefits. FOY® Dentures can even make you look 10-20 years younger, talk about ageless beauty without any surgery! Other benefits include plump lips, improved facial appearance and underlying facial support (no sunken-in look), fewer wrinkles, improved jawline, reduced sagging facial skin, and the best fitting dentures that you can find.

How can I find out if FOY® Dentures are right for me?

If you think that you might be interested in FOY® Dentures, take the next step by scheduling a consultation with Devine Dentistry today. You can schedule this appointment by calling our office (615) 269-4209. If you would like to learn about ways to pay for your dental care so that you can better afford this cutting-edge technology, we can help. Inquire about CareCredit, a third-party financing company that allows you to pay for your dental care upfront, and then make small monthly payments. We provide dental services to patients in Belle Meade, Green Hills, and Nashville.