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Can’t get Dental Implants? Consider FOY® Dentures

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If you’ve been living with lost teeth, you probably have researched your options when it comes to replacing those teeth and restoring your smile. Dental implants remain the elite treatment in restorative dentistry; however, many people either aren’t great candidates for the procedure or simply don’t want to go that route. Even if you’ve been told that you’re not a candidate for implants, you still could end up with a functional, beautiful new smile by receiving FOY (Fountain Of Youth)® Dentures in Nashville.

These factors could disqualify you from receiving dental implants

Receiving a dental implant means undergoing surgery, as the implant has to be inserted into your jawbone, where it replaces the root of your lost teeth. Unfortunately, this procedure isn’t for everyone; certain conditions make it too risky. Poor bone density, for example, can eliminate your candidacy to receive dental implants in Nashville. If you currently have gum disease, this also means implants are not right for you—although Devine Dentistry offers a comprehensive program of periodontal treatments if this is what is holding you back from getting implants to replace your missing teeth.

Other mitigating factors can include a chronic pre-existing condition such as diabetes, a metal allergy of some sort since the implant screw itself is made of titanium, tobacco use, a disease or medical condition that raises your risk of complications when anesthesia is used, or any medications you are taking that could interfere with the healing process.

Sometimes, patients also decide implants are not right for them. Maybe they don’t want to have to wait for the implant to fuse with their jawbone—a process that takes several months—before the procedure can be completed. Or, they may feel implants are too expensive. Or, maybe they have lost many of their teeth, making it too inefficient or costly to use an implant to replace every individual missing tooth.

FOY® Dentures represent an alternative to dental implants

FOY® Dentures are a major upgrade over even modern, well-made, custom dentures. They are constructed specifically to rest on the bony ridge of your dental arches. They are more comfortable than traditional dentures and help maintain the alignment of your bite because they are constructed according to the neuromuscular dimensions of your mouth. FOY® Dentures also won’t slip or shift in your mouth. You regain your chewing ability, allowing you to eat a wide variety of foods with confidence. They also provide greater facial support, which prevents that sunken facial structure that is a long-term consequence of living with tooth loss.

FOY® Dentures in Nashville

If you’re ready to learn more about FOY® Dentures, then contact the office of Devine Dentistry today to learn more about this state-of-the-art method of restoring your smile. You may be able to restore your smile and your self-confidence even if you do not qualify for dental implants. Did we mention that Devine Dentistry also is Belle Meade’s only certified FOY® provider? Schedule your consultation today by calling (615) 269-4209 if you’re in the areas of Belle Meade, Green Hills, and Nashville, TN.