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Get Natural Facelift Results without Surgery by Receiving FOY® Dentures

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Dentures have come a long way from the unnatural-looking set of teeth sitting in a glass on your nightstand. Fountain of Youth® Dentures represent the latest advances in denture technology, and Devine Dentistry is proud to offer this treatment option to our patients, as your Nashville dentist Dr. Brian Devine is now a certified FOY® provider.

Let’s learn more about FOY® Dentures, their benefits, and whether this exciting new option in tooth replacement could be right for you.

FOY Dentures can make you appear younger

We all experience changes in our appearance as we get older, but for denture wearers, these changes can be magnified due to significant tooth loss. While economy dentures serve the purpose of replacing your missing teeth, they usually aren’t that comfortable, plus, they look like false teeth. Since they are cheaply made, patients often experience problems with their bite feeling off, leading to premature wrinkles and aging, or even jaw pain and headaches. This is where FOY® Dentures come into play.

A patient who receives FOY® Dentures does not experience these downsides. This is because these dentures are made based on the neuromuscular measurements of your mouth. By constructing dentures according to these dimensions, you can be sure that your bite will be maintained or even improved. The end result often is optimal occlusion, meaning that your facial structure will appear fuller and more refined, with more facial support, fewer wrinkles, and a clearly defined jawline. Patients who receive FOY® Dentures often report looking years younger—a literal way to enjoy the benefits of the proverbial fountain of youth!

FOY® Dentures put the needs of the patient first

With other tooth replacement options such as dental implants or “teeth in a day” gaining popularity, denture wearers sometimes may feel like an afterthought in the industry. The advantages of FOY® Dentures make them as desirable as other means of replacing lost teeth. You will regain your chewing ability, and look younger. FOY Dentures also are designed to rest on the bony ridge of your mouth. And, because they are constructed following neuromuscular dimensions, they fit so well against your supporting bone structure.

Moreover, because of their superior fit, FOY® Dentures will not slip and shift in the mouth as other types of dentures often do. They won’t pop out of the mouth when you eat, talk, or smile, which can cause massive embarrassment. They also look and feel more natural compared to economy-style dentures.

FOY® Dentures in Nashville

Dr. Devine has completed the necessary education and training to provide FOY® Dentures to our patients in the Nashville area. If you’re ready to learn more about using FOY® Dentures to replace your missing teeth in Nashville, or upgrade from your economy dentures to a set of FOY® Dentures, schedule your consultation with Devine Dentistry today by calling (615) 269-4209.

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