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If you have been living with the loss of multiple teeth, you probably have looked into dentures as a possible tooth replacement option. Denture technology has come a long way in recent years, producing advances such as Fountain of Youth Dentures® or FOY® Dentures, a revolutionary new denture system. Here are a few reasons why you should consider choosing FOY® Dentures, as installed by a certified dentist like Dr. Brian Devine at Devine Dentistry in Nashville.

FOY® Dentures represent the finest denture technology available

All dentists are trained during dental school on the construction of economy dentures, but this type of denture system is now quite outdated by modern technological standards in the industry. These dentures are notorious for slipping and shifting in the mouth and look rather unnatural. FOY® Dentures, by contrast, are constructed according to neuromuscular measurements of the mouth, bite, jaws, and face. Using neuromuscular dimensions as a basis for denture construction helps make sure that your bite is maintained or even improved through the installation of the FOY® Denture system.

Denture wearers often are treated as an afterthought in the dental industry

We hate to say it, but certain dental practices that operate solely with regard to the financial bottom line often do not show much attention to denture wearers, who are viewed as a low-revenue group of patients as a whole. However, denture wearers are no different from any other type of patient; they have oral hygiene needs, nutritional needs and desires, and particular aesthetic goals. FOY® Dentures by a certified dentist in Nashville will help you regain your chewing ability, meaning you no longer will live with limitations in your food choices. Your smile also will be restored, boosting your self-confidence.

FOY® Dentures produce beautiful, highly functioning results

Many denture wearers are dissatisfied. Their replacement teeth are uncomfortable, do not look like natural teeth, and still limit their food choices. These dentures also may slip, shift, and even pop out of the mouth when they eat, talk, or smile. FOY® Denture patients do not experience these problems; these replacement teeth look more natural and are considered arguably the most comfortable type of dentures available. FOY® Dentures in Belle Meade also prevent the “sunken-in” appearance that is common among denture wearers; in fact, patients who receive FOY® Dentures often report looking 10 or 20 years younger! It is like getting a facelift but without going under the knife!

FOY® Dentures in Nashville

Looking for a better alternative to missing teeth in Nashville? At Devine Dentistry, our dentist Dr. Brian Devine is proud to offer FOY® Dentures. Dr. Devine is one of a select few that is a certified FOY® Dentures dentist in the Nashville area. To offer FOY® Dentures, the dentist must obtain special certification by completing a rigorous training course. These dentures should make a fantastic fit, thanks to more than 100 measurements of the mouth, jaw, jaw joints, and face that are taken as part of the installation procedure. These dentures also are compatible with dental implants. To learn more about FOY® Dentures offered in the Green Hills or Belle Meade area of Nashville, contact the office of Devine Dentistry by calling (615) 269-4209 to schedule a consultation.

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